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T. BO And Newt Gingrich discussed on Sean Hannity


T. BO and as we continue former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich is with us yeah we're learning a lot I've just gone over I I kind of I went through a whole laundry list of all the things that that the president has done and in the list is long and starting with the travel ban every single thing that he has gotten done and I looked at the I went over the very specific list of everything that he's done particularly for New York and I look at all the money wasted by the mayor of New York and I've chronicled that and the governor of New York and they sit there and they have their press conferences and scare the crap out of everybody every day and demand we do more than anymore this new name for this for this president said yes to everything and and hyper you know supersonic speed it's been getting to New York or thousand ventilators this week all of the all four hospitals being built you got a a med medical ship navy ship all in the New York harbor and they still complain and yet I can't believe New York is so ill prepared considering its its target number one for the entire United States how is that possible well I think first of all the New York is so central to all the different things we do as a country since central and communications of some components it is an extraordinary place and I think that sometimes we underestimate how wonderful addiction and I've I've been thinking for a couple days you know question are involved and we're looking at Italy hosts happiness with a look at the Milan which is in some ways the center of the call it the demicube terms in Italy and I look over at New York and I think you know how can you organize a city of that size in a metropolitan area going up to Westchester and Long Island a part of genetic important Jersey to deal with that kind of thing like this I think that's what makes New York uniquely complicated and uniquely vulnerable and I'm embarrassed that this will surprise you some of the most support I'm very sympathetic to the scale of the problem the governor Cuomo S. so my question is does the pressure hi everybody its hands on deck in the negative things did they just scream at you the the rest of the day and I but we don't have this built up this winter like if you guys didn't even have masks armed for anything but I can't look into your order I mean what you do if you're a new York regarding this and I have a big mouth your temper I hear you I got it yeah you said that I did not say that what well I think what's still there New Gingrich is with us Hannity dot com is the book check that would take calls in the next half hour eight hundred nine four one Shawn Dr oz coming up and senator Tim Scott straight ahead this is news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. live team coverage of breaking news weather and traffic starts now four thirty eight news ninety six point five W. DPO you heard it here live moments ago a United launch alliance atlas five rocket after about a ninety minute delay of beautiful successful and launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force station this afternoon that rocket carrying a communications satellite into orbit it is also the very first launch under the new U. S. space force again maybe you baby you got to see it but a perfect picture perfect launch from the Cape this afternoon can Gresham leaders now already looking ahead to what's next in terms of federal aid to help deal with the corona virus outbreak I'm Jamie do pre in Washington the morning after Senate approval of a sweeping economic rescue plan tomorrow will bring the bill to the floor speaker Nancy Pelosi said it's probably only the start we have to do more there's no question that more money will be needed telling reporters about a conversation with the head of the federal reserve chairman of the fed's Powell said to me interest rates are as low as the ever be thank thick as the economy struggles to deal with the virus outbreak news ninety six point five W. DPO Orlando turns first for severe weather as I witness news meteorologist Cassandra creamy tracking hot temperatures and getting hotter as we head through the weekend talking about when we could see records fall coming up sunny and hot again this afternoon eighty eight downtown Orlando I'm Tony Marino Sean Hannity back in five minutes traffic also coming up for you as well take it to Wall Street after record breaking jobless numbers this morning more than three million American flying up for unemployment claims the markets is still rally Dow Jones industrials up more than thirteen hundred points that's more than six percent the S. and P. five hundred also up more than six percent the nasdaq up a little bit more than five percent Orange County leaders giving a press conference moments ago reiterating tonight's stay at home order that will go into effect at eleven PM mayor Jerry Demings also reminding residents of the county that a curfew is still in effect from eleven PM until five AM as well same same stay in order stay at home order will go into effect in Osceola county tonight as well at eleven o'clock we heard from Seminole county representatives a little bit earlier this afternoon they are not yet ordering a stay at home mandate it is four thirty to at news that a.

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