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The U.S. states that have already loosened pandemic-control measures


Concern is that somebody's going to come in here the a symptomatic have the virus and and it's gonna passed up to one of us are to one of our clients president trump again criticized George's governor for his decision to re open the state's economy I'm not happy about it and I'm not happy about Brian camp cancel order allows barber shops hair salons gyms bowling alleys into two parlors to re open today dine in service at restaurants around Georgia can resume on Monday Connecticut could begin to loosen restrictions on businesses sometime in June it's a plan that could be unveiled in the next couple weeks W. CBS reporter Sean Adams on the story mark your calendar Connecticut may twentieth governor Lamont hopes to have a strategy for gradually getting people back to work and school at the helm of this effort is retired pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi keeping public health issues in mind how do we dial up the other three gears how do we get the levels of business working again how do we get colleges universities and schools back to you know functioning later on this month or later on in may orders a temple remember we can and then how do we protect all vulnerable the primary concern is public health yells Dr Albert cho says increased testing capacity is essential we need strategies to identify spread in the community so we can inform the public health prevention and control measures that need to do to limit future outbreaks testing contact tracing isolation social distancing they will all continue as one third of Connecticut's employees returned to work in Greenwich Sean

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