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Are going to begin the segment that you have been requesting for the past couple of weeks normally. This is where we were talking about what we've been playing but what we've been playing animal crossing which will talk about next week has been final. Fantasy seven remake. Thank you do square UNIX for providing US copies of final fantasy seven remake disclaimer? Out of the way. I don't even know where to begin with. Spoiler cast for final fantasy seven remake. Maybe with the spoiler warning full like Joe in case it wasn't clear that this was the spoiler cast and we're going to be spoiling the game It's going to happen. If you have not finished. Final fantasy seven enrolled credits. You may want to press pause on the PODCAST and come back to this after you have or if you like. You know what I'm good with it. You just get on this ride with us but now you have been properly warned and on that note. Britney to you. Oh God okay so I think the best way to start this off is by dissecting the ending because I think that will help us have the conversations about things that happen and maybe who some characters where I need to have a little a little discussion. Come to some mutual ground here so what I okay so I think it's obviously okay to talk about the events that transpired in the first file fantasy game and that that run parallel with this game however there are certain relationships like between cloud and stiffer off and era that. I think we shouldn't dive into because I think there's a lot of new people who are just have been introduced to the series. I don't want to spoil those pivotal moments now. Granted as we know going forward. We don't know what's going to happen in the next installments of final. Fantasy seven remake. Were getting them getting them. That said I think the way things are lying out in the way that the events unfolded and beginning actually for the majority of the remake. A that leads me to believe that. A lot of cannon who cloud is who suffer out that those things are all the same and I don't WanNa spoil that okay that's fair because I also yeah okay. What of my major pet peeves actually like granted? This was what third thirty hours ish but I was actually a little more irritated that they didn't dive a teeny tiny. Bit More under who suffer off is like I don't need. I didn't need them to do a lot with him but I wanted them to do more than just be like. Oh He's bad like he's he's he big evil man big sort than you do. I'm like what give me any sort of shred of information because clearly cloud you know him. You're having weird flashbacks you. You're clearly not okay. Which is a whole separate issue. Keeps saying you are. You're not which maybe a metaphor for all of us who knows. Maybe we'll have whisper stranding. That's okay so right so let's kind of like talk about the first thing that I think is important for. We dive into the ending. And that is the whispers the arbiters of the protectors of destiny. Now these dudes or girls or whatever these robes there's basically mentors that you look like the mentors for sure they are number were they. Those were in the first game. I don't at all okay. Well yes so. These are not in the original game and you can kind of think of these these figures as a rabid foul fantasy seven fans. Who Don't want any changes to happen to the story as it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and what I mean by that is they. They're exempt their purpose is to keep destiny and fate on-track it. An example of this is toward the end where Barrett gets tablets separates Mezzaluna or one of his big spear right. It's big old sort sore. That he constantly shows off and his leg look at. My lungs pointed at the camera. It's lung and you see how big this is my Soroush anyway. Yeah so in the original Game Barrett does not die there or maybe he doesn't die at all who could say but that's not his time today which is even though you see him get stabbed Wade. Barrett didn't die because of Britain's getting two. Okay so think of whispers are trying to hold up the main events of the original file fantasy seven. Make it a little. Mehta here but stick with me. Let me know if you have any questions okay. So yes when Barrett gets stabbed. He should have died from that right but the fact that he did. It is because the whispers interfered or like now dog. This isn't how it goes down. We're GONNA make sure you're still alive. Think about in the Church with era in cloud any original game era cloud flee the church and in this game you see the whispers literally pick them up and shove them through the door to get them out and then they escape they like literally force them to fucking move and another example is wedged when you guys sector seven wedge originally dies there as those big Asda's Jesse but in this game wedge survives that whole scenario and then towards the end though we hear him we see him getting shoved out of the building. And all you hear Glass Shatter. And then you're left to assume that he did fall to his death rate because wedge was supposed to die. He was not supposed to live. Is this making sense? Yes one hundred per okay. Wonderful the whispers. I was like okay once once. They finally explained what they were supposed to be. Obviously until that point. They don't explain it until you're almost dead at the game but once that explanation throws like all right but I didn't i. I'm glad you did the comparison with the original because I didn't know like I couldn't remember all the details of what had been happening. Yeah I have questions about that but I'm going to hold them until you're with your explanation. Okay cool because yeah. If you had never played original file fantasy seven you wouldn't know how the events specifically are to unfold right for me. I had a feeling I knew what was I were when they were surrounding Jesse in sect when she's in sector seven and she has the grenade in her hand right and she's like I never miss and she went to throw it but the thing like detonated a little early and that's where she died because she was getting through the whispers interfere like dog. You have to diet here and same with biggs when you see him kind of slouched against whatever metal. He was slouched against you. See the whisper circling him like okay. We've done the thing like this is what's supposed to happen to you and this is why we're here at this point like oh so it was kind of cool watching the rest of except he's in like a hospital bed at the end. Yeah that's a whole nother thing. Okay Super Weird because the thing collapsed on you right like all the whole damn case in explosive flame like there's no way the bigs would have survived. There's no way really that Wedgewood have survived like there's a heat at least a little bit more of a plausibility because he was on the ground. And it's possible that he it on what they think. They are looting to he tripped and fell into this whole. That's I should find your. And he did survive that encounter but then when he's in Chinnery member he kinda gets force out the window rate by the whispers at the very end and I think you said like I just wanted to make a difference and you hear the Yeah Poor Baby Squirrel. We don't know about him so I agree with you with that. Whole big theory. Let's hold onto that for a second. So I had this recap the vice dot com just because I think could be a good refresher so. The game concludes with a battle against stiffer but to challenge him to characters have to first defeat the whispers fates and the moments leading up to this the characters witness flashes of the original game storyline cloud sees Eric. Die The entire group watches red thirteen in his children running through the ruins of the old world. They make the conscious decision to fight. Fate vanish banish the whispers into their own course and with the whisperers defeated. They're able to do so. The characters are outside of mid Garden and fast and open world uncertain of what the future holds. The unknown journey will continue. The screen reads as the Camera. Pans up into the clouds implying that the future is open to change that continent. Continuity isn't as important as telling a good story. Now the tool secretes have okay. So that moment for me was pretty fucking crazy because when they were fighting. The crucial accrue across the whispers. All of the Big Harvard or harbinger were harbinger. Whatever the fuck they were you got the three little boys and you've got the very very big boy. Yeah and you're seeing the flash red thirteen running up that mountainside which is kind of like an iconic scene from the end of the original fantasy seven. You see her death scene. She's trying to summon holy email. Which is I can't go into that. You see these things happen and then when I you but are you telling me that the final boss fight. We got at the end of final fantasy. Seven is actually the final fight of the whole game of the original. No she's saying that the when you when you had those flashes when you were fighting him those were some of the ending. Parts of the original game like those were some of the ending scenes so that part of the game. But not of the whole game right. Kerr so okay. I'll try to explain this again in a better way. Okay I mean it's it's admittedly very confused girl. No it's fucking confusing as hell. Okay so you have all of the characters. And they're all I think this is before they're getting ready to fight all the the big whisper bosses. They're seeing flashbacks that you see. The flashback of red running you see the flashback of air dying or of rain. You see other little flashbacks and this is the quote. Maybe this will help you remember. Remember someone asked what the Hell Oracene probably bear it and read says this is what happens if we fail today. Yes and that was before all the final bosses but what that because I've played final fantasy seven and I've seen that Indian when he said when we're seeing all of those scenes that I know are the South China Sea seven and he says this is what happens if we fail today immediately. I'm like this is an alternate time line. And that's what my mind just fucking ball. I had anyway Andrea. Are you following or is it still confusing? I mean admittedly going to be confused. Okay but I think like there's there's more questions I have than just that stare continue. Continue on okay. So we'll cover some more of the ground here so you have the the whispers the big boy and if you use your assess material on the big boy it says this guy appears when someone tries to alter destinies course and then for us the assessment Syria on the small guys says they are an entity from a future timeline that has manifested in the present day. They protect the future that gay shape to it. So like right there shows that you're fighting essentially against these things that are trying to prevent alternate timelines or prevent fate from being changed. So that was making me do while we want to go and watch original final fantasy like information. Because I don't remember I played definitely had read thirteen when I was playing seven whenever I did like ten years ago. But that's as far as I got. I had him for a little while and then I didn't play again. I never made it to the ending. I never made it through a lot to these pivotal moments and so to know that now. Theoretically they're trying to alternate timeline it and I want to kind of compare like okay. Well what was the beginning of that game again because against a really long time to the beginning of this? And what would they be fighting against? And what are they fighting for and like trying to map? These things out I think is interesting. Yeah so the Andrea in simple terms is that you have original final fantasy seven from nineteen ninety seven right and I gave us people know it. Is You have cloud and Tika and back then areas and separate off the big bad guy and everyone knows that areas in that game dies.

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