'Best player in this draft:' Redskins pick Young 2nd overall


Were birder we open with the NFL as the lions with the number three pick in last night's opening round of the NFL draft would select Ohio state quarterback Jeff Okuda a player considered by many the best defensive back in this year's draft meanwhile the Cincinnati Bengals as expected with the first overall pick take LSU quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Boral being picked at number one is something pearl said he didn't think was possible just one year ago when he struggled at times in his junior season with the Tigers are told you you're crazy you know I knew I was going to have a really good season so I knew you know we have really good players come back at great coaches and we were gonna rip work really really hard to do it but to jump up to number one of all is is crazy to me but it's a good it's a dream come true click comes courtesy of ESPN it number to the Washington Redskins take case young which by the way guys brings up a nice bit of trivia borough young at Okuda this year's top three picks in the draft we're all teammates on the two thousand seventeen Ohio State

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