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To you. Did what now podcast where we discuss stories and science and tech that make us ask exactly that he everyone. Thanks for listening on your go. Stephanie Educator in silence efficient on air and I'm like Oh Programmer Tech Guy. Hello Stephanie. Happy Monday happy Monday Mike. How's it going US good Keeping busy but not as busy as Elon. Musk apparently you see all these Elon. Musk updates that have been coming out of the year. And guess what's going on with align. Well we mentioned airlink Supposedly he tweeted out a tweet a couple of weeks ago whenever was that he says the upgrades since the last like public press conference or wherever he did it is awesome headaches expires to show it to us this summer. Sometime I guess a monkey controlling the computer and then he didn't actually get to put it in a in a human last year but he's hopeful that maybe that could happen this year too so he's putting near a link in in a monkey. Yeah he's he says. There is a monkey controlling the computer just to catch everybody up. The neuro link. Is the this like brain interface thing where he's drilling tiny holes in in putting all sorts of little wires in your brain to help you Control computers with your mind okay. So you thought he's already got in the monkey control computer he's got update plan for the summer is going to. I guess does the Monkey. I guess I totally missed that in the news so Thank you that's terrifying. Monkey is controlling computer. Like I mean. What does the monkey do when it's on a computer? I mean I mean I guess you showed a picture of a banana added of bananas. All Day we'll see I guess. This'll this'll be whatever this. Prescott what he did what he decides. It's probably consumption. He said the summer. Maybe he'll have a a relief. I want to follow this monkey on twitter. Felt like this is a missed opportunity. You just want to know you know. Well maybe once they show us. The by presumably monkey will feature in this video or whatever with a release in the summer. So I'm sure we'll see a monkey short soviet-created twitter account. Yeah I just WanNa know what what a monkey does when he gets on the computer. What sites is he going to you? And what videos is he watching? What does he like you know? Yeah WanNa see his tick tock okay. Let's sing so he also I. This is less exciting or Aureus in Hashtag -able but a tesla solar is coming out. This year should be like a public roll out him. Solar panels and You take a look at them. They're actually they're not as like obvious. I guess is the Word Book for in on Euro as traditional solar panels. You know whether or not you like them or not. They're kind of up there. Kinda obvious solar panel. Your roof does look like a roof. The Tesla ones apparently look like just kind of like a roof for the most part. How many manage that the other one? I mean the ones by neighborhood are very obvious that you've got eight solar panels on your roof there. They kind of stick out. But some people even banned like homeowner associations which whatever but what happens for those people. I want to get it to homeowner associations because we started one another podcast on that. I'm sure the justice low ones almost just like black like shiny roof panels. You if you weren't looking for me might not even notice. Yeah but how much are they? That's what I WANNA know. Because when we looked into solar panels it was going to take us about twenty years to break even year which is a bad over. The most mortgages but I I think some New Jersey. I think it's better than that. It depends on your exposure. Sometimes governments have rebates and stuff for For Energy you know for being and efficient. Because you're you're basically selling it back to them. Do you would think so. But it doesn't always work out exactly like you know exactly like that. There's only so much it was. It was really weird so we did not end up going with it but I feel like if there's a tesla solar panel for your house my husband definitely GonNa one eight you know. He's already he's already waiting for that. Tesla track so if you if they're making some if they're making some some advances to this would make it easier on our Puckett but then I think that's great. Let's go for it will check it out. I'll throw some links up in the John. Oates is I usually do and It looks pretty cool of is I don't know where they're gonNA roll it out if it's everywhere it's GonNa be cheap. Who knows yeah bonus you know? Can you buy a Tesla truck and get a rebate your solar panels on bundle and Save Save? You got you got your brain. You got a solar panel. You get a tesla chuck price of one. Maybe baby the solar panel can power the The computer that you're using to control your brain. I want to control the Solar Plant Pinot with my brain genuine cutting but so energy solar panels. Actually that's what I want to talk about today. So okay the the transition here. Yeah solar panels. I mean you. You just mentioned that you looked into it. I have trees so I cannot Gets alert south southern facing trees or whatever that cash shade which is nice because my house cooler backyard shaded but I can't get solar panels so many talked about. We've talked wanting to put solar panels on the road for Carts. Dr On so yes I mean. Obviously energy crisis is a thing. The plant is warming were burning coal debate. Yeah it's all sorts of bad things happening so energies obviously up popular research toppings. There's a lot going on whether it really I found interesting was sort of like anti solar panel. An anti solar panel right now doesn't sound good. It's a catch you into the dark. Marvel Verse Ser so darks. Anti solar panel would be one that generates electricity at night. How is it going to generate electricity? At night. Can't the Moon's he's the Moon's light well? The Moon is solar panel. I mean but it's not bright enough generally for right for so this. This is an article I found in kind of a bunch of places but CNN dot com. So he's he jerry Monday. A professor at the University of California Davis. He's working on a prototype that basically keep generating power at night. The idea is that solar panels are cold. Objects pointed at the hot sun absorbed the light and generate power. This would be the opposite. You would heat up the solar panel or the Anti Solar Panel Thermal radio to sell would heat up point of the night sky much cooler object and that would radiate infrared light and that would generate energy. You did what now yes. We're turning night into power. This doesn't make sense to me at all explained that all over again so regular. Solar power generates power by absorbing sunlight which causes a voltage to appear cross device for current to flow and devices later instead admitted your heating up the device and it's emitting light and the current and voltage. They go in the opposite direction but would still generate power from different materials but the physics is basically the same interesting so it only makes our at night. These would only yes only make our at night. I guess you will. Maybe you could have some sort of dual device where sweat swaps because you have to heat up the part of the panel to generate the heat at night when it's cooler so I will. Obviously this is still just prototype stuff but you have a device that does both. Maybe you're you. Have you know. Maybe the South Park facing part of Your House. The Sun to be daytime. Get The Sun and you put us the other side of the House for nighttime powered pointed at Cooler Sky. Because that's not as it doesn't really matter the skies cool whether or not there's light or not. I mean I guess so but is it really need if you already have solar panels on your house or a you know using power to really need that extra anti-ciller panel well. I mean solar panels. Not exactly useful. How expensive it was. I mean. They're not necessarily perfect. They don't generate necessarily enough power. And then you get rainy gays stretching rainy days you neutral go negative in terms of power consumption versus power generation and this help create more power. I mean anything that create more power is generally good. Sure I mean I. I could absolutely see being the usefulness in places that maybe don't get a lot of sunlight you know so I mean I. I would be eligible for something like this campus. So maybe this would be a way for somebody like me to have you know golf. Set power a little bit. Could or you know some. Yeah like you said you're way up. North way down south we are Deitz. You Switch Unites Twenty hours or eighteen hours. Sometimes when you're on that part of your revolution around the sun like this would be probably a good idea. Yeah I still baffles me. Mind that you can get energy out of darkness. I still still like crazy to me.

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