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Mets’ strategy for handling teammates stuck in Astros mess, Rick Porcello will start split-squad League opener


We'll start with the match his slash Astros because everything these days is slash Astros they have two players on the roster who were members of the Astros in two thousand seventeen Katie Davis and Jake Marie's neck that have any of the mad to have no associated with the Astros had any issues problems conversations that went past what would be just regular spring training conversations with any of the former master players why are you are you honestly don't think so none to my knowledge and by over in the thing you know both guys or rather easy to get along with that Judy Davis injector respect primers Nick is new everyone knows G. D. but they apologize for their trains so you know their transgressions and I I think at least I was told anyway the Davis took some convincing as a matter of fact because I'm not quite sure why but you know he's younger and then maybe a little more stubborn I'm not sure but Bresnik it was deal with it out pretty well I I I thought he owned it pretty well when he it is a little active contrition shall we say no you just that I I I should know better you know by any chance I could stop that I didn't and by should know better old enough or he was there for a couple years came up in twenty thirteen majority traded so he you know was where our baseball Davis was the guy who got them on August the so I guess you can give them a little bit for you know not stepping internal blowing a whistle but yeah both guys I I thought handled it okay and if they haven't had any problems with the teammates really that's good to hear I if more is next association with the Astros is in the past what is his role on this team this year can it be is much is starting a hundred and thirty five hundred forty games and becoming if not the everyday center fielder more often than not is he going to be a guy who bounces around a couple of things how much is it state here in spring training for a guy like Jake Marie thank you know I mean I I think he made quite easy and so more like a hundred and twenty or a hundred and thirty games but that would be a lot as a defense a replacement I think a you know again if he hits mac you know and certainly better than he has your one thing to work against Peru's nectar made him stand out of twenty seventeen was I was this is best offense of season and especially at hold in Houston at minute maid park so the lord I DO you really hasn't been on an offense of contributor y'all note on the land and you know that evil ones and then outstanding season so he's he's got a great love and I I think you're you're you're probably looking at you know he won like ours hi but I think Boris Nick is yeah maybe on that level work be currently in center field running out the opposition but I'm not sure how many games he's gonna start you will get some playing time now these are the question was Ross been pretty open about you're trying to move people around eight beers Purcell's possible and he really at the for the one of the res hasn't even subdivisions book I think you know were a few people are going to be quiet before as they got the call up the calc chop out his time as it goes along fair enough and if we start with the agreement that check Marie think is the best defense in center fielder on his team how would you describe and yeah we I see him playing campaign we've seen him play elsewhere with as you mention traded for Florida into Houston we've got a good grasp on his defense we should have a good grasp on Nemo's defense how would you describe the drop off from Marie's Nectanebo defensively in center field Greg this thing you know I I I haven't seen in a more realistic here I I have seen them there in years past the mad I think he's outstanding rob wall full of boiling though noble is his okay I'd say it's slightly above average and Bruce Nick I think is is an excellent I I guess I would rate him excellent so why you know it's not a severe drop off but I I think there is a drop but only as a question about that all right so here you would be my question and we're we're moving through this in stages of memo is slightly above average your average whatever you are calm and whoever the Mets have been laughed and that could be a couple of different individuals over the course of the season depending on health and coming back and everything I Marie's Nick go into center field NMO golden laughter will Marie's nature's colder left field if he's going to be used as a defense replacement would you suggest and I kind of agree with how does that move the pieces around the chess board your question I think you'll want depends on who is in one appeal but it you know even if you just take the combination of sense but the slash you need Davis I think there will be defensible placement school war and that probably means memo shifting over there are bursting playing center field you know I I again I I I don't know how to search for this experiment here is gonna work out I'm not even sure is going to be on the opening day roster sure he feels he's gonna be there but yeah we'll see as we move along in the spring but either way I think you're probably limited there and again I haven't seen since this play the outfield yeah that's the big question to me down here I think you can hit well you're always here but the problem is you know what's going to be like in the field what's going to be like over the course of an entire baseball season so if you put those two out there I think you're probably going to see their own membership numbers that concern or problem with any company with his son a fan hi dad says finance in the clubhouse you may gin sets medicine the book out of box and present a field says recent club out I'd gotten into a couple debate with friends here the last couple of days who said doesn't bother them one iota it won't affect it to test what is it and talking to the media and I said I beg to differ because there's going to come the night where he doesn't hit and another guy on the team strikes out twice and leaves warmer but runners in scoring for the and everyone is going to flock to that guy and you're gonna have there it's all the tough questions investments are going to sit there with his over three went to try to get out and be defense of regal place that nobody got dog alarm how is that going to play in the clubhouse our guys going to get a annoyed if they get more scrutiny because that's what it says I'm not taking any yeah I think that's always a always a problem on and I think it wears overtime on other guys when we say there's any time there's been an open three with two strikeouts with systems we've never talked to him okay the only time we ever do to our dorm is when he's at an outstanding game it's what he brings to talk to our school but I don't really care if I don't talk to you and it's us for the full year I don't really care well I don't sleep so it didn't surprise me the other day when you said no of the way he did it kind of surprised me honestly after two years away but you didn't shock me because I've seen that before you know he's temperamental let's put it that way and you might say brother Donald no it doesn't matter one of whatever you want to call on that's just the way he is I do think over time that those where on the other guys will walk if they have to answer for him or they have the answer questions one night when they might not necessarily do it but they have to because he will talk so yeah like I do think it becomes a problem over time you know water and individual basis probably not because he hasn't done that Eric what that's we only talk to many of these star outing yeah okay met sedans today that down split squad Saturday when they open up actual spring training games they report Psellos going to give the home game and there is a significant step dad because dad games going to be on TV back here in the New York market anything to read into that day he just show up at camp earlier or is he actually in a bold plan been more impressive and that's why he's getting a first start what we make up for sale getting the spring opening home start no no it's hard to really you because it took us a couple of days to actually get out of Louise ROZ who's going to start this weekend at the it's one thing that a little bit peculiar but we've you know kind of giving him some role so to speak and then given him love some leeway because he's no you're usually yeah we ask you know say Monday or Tuesday you know who's gonna start this weekend or what's what's the line up for the weekend and you know we got to get an answer as to who it is we're we're told today was going to be you know of course all of the whole store I don't make a heck of a lot of the you know he's he's been hearing the phone a couple of old friends already has phase no live BP most of the pitchers have at this point but he was one of the first guys to do it so I think he's just off at that point in time and I I have no idea what they were because I'm not into figuring it had exactly where he's going to face you know those spot in the rotation come opening day I think it's way too early for that so you know I I think it's just one of those things that he's ready to go they're gonna give me the ball and see what it can do last one and I know will day you can get that worked out and you get to see some of you all could see others so I'm not going to ask you to handicap how he's look throwing so far what's Edwin D. as is added to like so far it's been great I I really do and and he does look good the rolling as well to it it was kind of interesting the other day that he was you know asking jurors were certain pictures of a certain pitches that that he threw war will landing on what they saw yes job Lowry barriers portal that as well too so you know he's he's paying attention to detail down here I think you you're probably looking at a kid who came to camp last year and got himself ready but made the difference this year and getting himself ready before camp and now he's ready to go here and has a lot to prove did a lot in the off season Pedro Martinez helped a lot I think that helps as well I think it's confidence is then restored a little bit Louise Ross worked on that a lot and so has Jeremy Hefner too I think he realizes how important he is to what they want to do and I think everybody else realizes swelled to if you have a B. as of the end the games to save games and not give up fifteen home runs in the ninth inning like you did last year it's going to be active with different season that you can you know pretty much put together what you did last year offense of wood so I I think that there's a big difference to be in the house and then I guess the biggest thing mac would be yeah always confidence judges think he feels he's going to get back to where he was in twenty eighteen as opposed to last year and that's a real good sign I'm not saying he's going to get the D. seven states but I don't think you're going to see a repeat of last year at least I hope not because I want to go through that again the I. N. C. yeah you may ever yeah I'm the planet and would good stops thank you very much she we will talk again

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Mets’ strategy for handling teammates stuck in Astros mess, Rick Porcello will start split-squad League opener

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