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Low travel nerds and welcome to the extra packing peanuts travel. Podcast we are coming at you today from our e Pop H. Q. The show that teaches you how to travel more. Well spend less except for staying at home. So we're here to give you a little bit of inspiration today. Talking about one of our favorite places and the place that has the brewery of which which travis sporting the hat from this brewery. So heather hates this hat. I don't know why I love it. she hates it. But we're going to British Columbia today with you and this hat is from a story in British Columbia right outside of Whistler Coast mountain represent so I figured she said tribe. Your hair looks awful. Go put on a hat. So this is what I hate that. Trav- your hair looks awful. Go put on ABC. Wait a minute make us on her. Might just relaying. What happened five minutes before play guy either way quarantines getting us? It's getting a lot of time spent together and you know we somewhat too much time. We're used to spending a lot of time together but court excuse me. Quarantine is a little bit of a different animal. I do not hate the hat. I hate this. You literally said I hate this head a little too flat for me but anyway regardless British Columbia and we love the breweries in British Columbia. Yes today this is part of our quarantine. Diaries session so you can watch us on. If you're watching it then you get to see that if you're listening on the podcast and you do want to see our faces our situation and see what had a might wear for the next one. You can go do our instagram at extra packing peanuts and check it out there. So these are shorter. Form unedited podcast. That we're putting in addition to a regular Tuesday longer form podcasts. So that you have more wanderlust more travel love in your ears during the quarantines as we all go a little bit stir quarantine that's like during the quarantine it is now. I think a proper now. I think it should be Catholic. Quarantine entreprenuering quarantine and so what we've been doing recently and what we're going to do today is our best of series and this is where we pick a destination today. British Columbia Heather has a few card down there. She mixes them up and then she asked us and we don't prep for this at all. What our best memories of this specific places so today. We're doing a whole province and it's GonNa be hard because we spent a lot of time in British Columbia and we've gone all around British Columbia. Obviously we spend a ton of time in Victoria. Think Hoover Islands part of British Columbia? Spending time in Vancouver. We've been up to whistler. We'd been out to the Okinawa Gin. So it's going to be hard to pick somewhere places but hey that's what happens. That's the tough job of being travel. Podcast SO WE HAVE DESTINATION. Diaries and we have one. I'm pretty sure on Vancouver so we don't have one. I think on the whole of British Columbia. So you'll be getting some new content here with this little mini series. And I guess we should just jump right in. Let's do it okay. The first card is oh how appropriate best during so. I've been thinking a lot about this. And she told me redoing British Columbia literary four minutes ago and there have been a lot of places that we've drank at Including Vancouver we one time. We're in Vancouver for twenty one days and I did twenty one breweries and twenty days and I was pregnant so I did zero breweries. I mean I went to them but yeah so and we've spent a lot of time in Victoria. And some great wineries out in the Okinawan and all but for me. I think it will come back to a beer. Coast Mountain honorable mention and because of the hat. Awesome little brewery up in squamish tackling games. Garmisch just south of whistler fun little place cool like everything wanting to bury small little joint. That heather actually stayed in the car because again. I think you're pregnant at that point and she took a nap. I just went in and had a little flight by myself. You know really neat. People could be the coast from the brewery. No but it's called coast to Coast Mountain. Which is also a weird name. My name like it's just a weird. You're just taking two words and putting them together but it works and I love the hat and I'd like to branding but my number one favorite. So it's not honorable mention. Okay right you told me that we could go longer than fifteen minutes. Because now we have a compressor so we can put it on. Igt No if you read our post from last week. But I had the hardest time trying to get our videos out because if you video over fifteen minutes you have to do it from your granddaughter and it has to be an MP anyway. It was a whole long saga. But I bought the software. Because what does one do? I mean we needed. We needed to get the videos to you. We needed to get the videos. You so then Heather told. I said we are GONNA be fifty minutes is going to be hard for British Columbia said. Oh no no we got we got the compressor we can do want so. My overall favorite drink is strathcona brewing in Vancouver for two reasons. One Strathcona brewing itself has really good beer. Super Cool brewery really hipster in in like a gentrifying neighborhood for sure but they also at the time we were there and I'm not sure if the guy still does this but there is a gypsy. Burr call who runs a Burri called superfly. Meaning he doesn't have his own brewery brews at Strathcona and comes up and bruised. They're apparently lives in a van. No joke down by a river and then comes up to strathcona debris here and there and this was two years ago so things could have could have changed this super flex beer is awesome so they sell super flex at Strathcona brewing and their beers incredible and then bring has their own beer and their beer is really good too so those my if you want the best drink we've had in British Columbia head to Strathcona brewing. Try and try to get your hands on superfly which you can get in grocery stores and convenience stores to

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