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Big difference between coming to work at the World Trade Center and you're in this two thousand square foot kitchen with every pot and pan and spice that you need. You guys are now in your home. Kitchens with spouses and kids and pets and everything Solo. What's been the biggest challenge for you? It's just getting organized. I think I'll just I'll have a plan at the beginning of the day and then it never. It never goes according to plan. You know like today. My Pie melted. I thought I'd take your Pie. The I forgot to put an oven thermometer in there so I think the temperature was in right and then the crust. Just Chris what about you cooking in freeing up? The space to cook is a constant challenge but the hardest part is Ben when I wanNA take a great photo of something. It's like the stars really have to align like to SOLAS point. It can't be the day that you're crust decided to slump like right off. You know like into the abyss of the bottom of your oven. It can't be a day where you you have to be on my kid duty the entire day. It's like I need like the daylight I need to go out into my backyard. I need the food to look right at the right moment. I need to like have my entire setup and I've found that with certain dishes like I've been doing a lot of stuff with Spring produced and you have to start thinking like Stylus to get the best possible photo. Let's talk about that because typically when we're at work you guys developed the dishes in the bottom fifty test kitchen and then there is a photo department with professional photographers and stylists food stylists who take that recipe and then bring it to life in the form of a photograph. Now that we're all at home. You guys are the photographers. The prop stylist. The food stylists uric a one man band. How has that been working? You go ahead so well. Prop stylist have a prop cut that lockdown. Today's cloudy no photos happening today. I don't know it's just. It's just a I've realized it's a lot harder than I ever imagined to just like. Make a hard look at like every snow pea. When I'm playing something I just WanNa make a taste. Good and get it on the plate but when you're looking at it through the lens of the camera you suddenly realize Oh that mentally phys wilted this snow. Pea looks crooked This plate isn't as clean as I thought it would be. So just I guess I need to like slow down when I'm playing a little bit more. Because all of the flaws are magnified on camera. You have to build your dish in the dish on the set the way of food style would you can't really you know. Put the soup in the bowl back in the kitchen and then walk it outside. Yeah you know I mean it would be nice if we could but unfortunately that's just like not how great food photography works right. It's like you need to construct your dish. You need to construct each pleading of something and then you have this window of time. Clock is ticking. You know the colors are going to be vibrant and pop for some window of time and then you're going to start to lose it you know what are some of the dictates you received from the photo department in terms of how to shoot for a website like monoply dot com. The biggest thing for me was simply the idea that we need to shoot everything landscape and portrait like. I know that sounds silly but if you are somebody who uses instagram. And you use your iphone camera. Whatever your phone camera on your phone. Chances are you're used to thinking of food like as a vertical kind of proposition but a lot of the crops we need for our websites are landscape sort of orientation and that means you need to sit there and get both orientations and and I know that sounds like okay. Well that's just easy. You turn your phone but man. You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget. You know like taking like multiple orientations of something so those a lot having to do with kind of leaving negative space. When you're taking photographs making sure they can see plenty of surface to that they can crop in with different dimensions and different sort of aspect ratios but then yeah just the simple fact of a landscape and you had mentioned taking your food out to your backyard or you guys trying to shoot everything and natural light. Yeah I mean I don't know about you sola but I have to like the the light in my apartment you know like I don't have any kind of lighting setup you know so we're really behold into to natural light whether that's like a great window location indoors or really in my case it's got to be outside so the weather has to definitely cooperate. One day the wind was blowing Chili flakes off of my plate into my eyes all over my surface. It was. It was pretty extreme which photos just so the listener can get a sense of what it's like for you guys to shoot something at home. And then I know you work with Lower Murray and our footer department to help sort of tune up the the finished product. What photos are up now on site that each of you have shot that the listeners can go take? I don't think anything from me. I think soon you're gonNA see some dumplings. That was fun because I had to get my husband to help me He was the chopstick hand model. And then it was kind of interesting trying to like. Get the right angle to somehow. Like get where. He is. Get the camera where he is critical about you. Anything up on side right now the listeners. Check out what I have done. Let's see spring hot and sour soup. That's unhealthy ish. And then I did a pantry pasta recipe. That was tied to the youtube videos. We did of all of us doing pantry pastas. That's going to be basically. I think it's going live today but it's like a Pantry. Pasta with anchovies peas. And then yeah how this oxtail recipe. I'm going to be working on from chef. Kwami on at Kith and kin. So yeah excited to get going on that. But everything's been slow. You know getting to groceries this stuff that we need has been slower. We have to plan so far ahead so it's not just the weather it's like literally what's in the fridge typically Solo. You are someone. How should I put this? You can be rather meticulous with your testings and you can go through multiple iterations of a dish till you get to a point that you're content with it so I know you've been developing this. Is it a peanut butter and Jelly pies academic helping this for Ba from before quarantine like it feels like? I spent my entire life making this guy and I don't know why so. Are you just ordering lots of peanut butter through through five peanut debriefing or five jars of peanut butter? My husband just got sixty ounces of frozen fruit this morning from target. It's due on Thursday. Wish we look how. How many versions of the Pie of you created so? I guess the hardest thing is because I don't have everyone's feedback. I just keep going back and forth so I made some hand pies and then I did some pop tarts with an icing did pie pie and then for fun. I just thought I'd try slap pie but I think Chris. I think Pi Pi Regular Pie might be the way to go really so this is so interesting. Because this recipe and like this development process has taken a journey that really started back one World Trade Center like six weeks ago. I WanNa say and I feel like we've been sort of responding almost in real time with this recipe to like what's going on in the world in terms of like the ability of it right so like I like. This was like okay. This is like kind of an opportunity to do something. That's like not crazy difficult but like a little bit more of a showstopper you know. Maybe there's like a kind of fruit meringue situation happening on top lot of color and then it was like ratcheted right back to this needs to be like a hand pie like literally make some dough slap peanut butter slap some some jelly in their closet up boom done so. I think it's been interesting to sort of see the evolution of this recipe. And you know how it's almost like kind of just responding to like. What do we think people are up for now you know? Do they need a project or they just want something. That's kind of simple and delicious. You know what I think. I think that there's that saying whatever I it's not about the destination it's about the journey. I think with Sola. The recipe is always about the journey. You leave no stone. Have to make it as bad as possible. I need to get the depths of hell before I can see the light. I basically I think that if I don't like try it with all of the flowers and know what's terrible than I. Just don't feel good about it

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