Proposed Coronavirus tracking program asks Congress for $3.6B to hire workers


The new Johns Hopkins proposal aimed at putting an aggressive contact tracing program in place to help isolate the sick as well as those who have been exposed to the corona virus it's a way of getting ahead of the virus rather than always chasing it I need a Cicero deputy director at the Johns Hopkins center for health security says her department's plan outlines the need for increased tracing of the contacts that corona virus patients make we know how to do this but the problem is that public health doesn't have enough people or resources now to trace all the contacts that are necessary the proposal asks Congress to include three point six billion dollars in the fourth stimulus package to hire a hundred thousand health workers for a national program the public health workers will call in ask the patient to the came in close contact with so that those people could be quarantined and monitored Valerie bonk WTOP

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