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Guidelines general. Welcome to try to cope crypto. Podcast whatever it is in lockdown and set up with a new pace sable you pay a web page at high feeling very very good about it now Looking at the window we've got cloudy. Date Yoon sitting feels a bit locked that yesterday. What going out about getting Packing off only office to bring harm. It did have already retired feeling about it. That's about onto strikes seriously. Happy that we have for the rest of the world does also one of the things that I wanted to put across guys to die food for thought the trump foot of the day. This has never been a time has been more important for you to be able to sustain your life And provide yourself now. I'm personally in the position that I'm in I can catch fish. Can shook fish can grow food now. I really hope we didn't come to the fact that we need to rely on that anytime soon. But these are the facts. I can provide the food with the money. Well as long as the market stay open then I can also provide that so. Take the box in that regard now. I'm not saying this to be a to be brought to be bragging on not saying it to say hi. I other not at all. That is not the objective here at all the position that are coming from they simply decided to you. Guys goes out there listening now on You know we do have some pretty incredible things going on out there. We go through the top ten in. Just tell you what's going on over now but we do have an opportunity to make changes and to make changes to laws and Mike. Jiji storing personal circumstances as well as Saudi has opportunities to make challenging. And we're actually being forced to make those changes right now and it's a perfect example of what we can do. If we do make the one thing that many people die make. That's a decision. The decision has been made for certain countries to go into full lockdown. Apart from going to the doctors the pharmacy all to collect food or a little bit of exercise. The decision has been made and country is sticking by the most pop- now what does that mean for. People that is stalking saw. Well it means you probably listening to podcast probably on computers. You probably a little bit concerned but anxious and that's not you know communist to be expected of course focusing on you keeping ahead strongly. Geek keeping yourself busy now. We've just gone out in extended Ryan Stimulus package for you lot of facility yesterday. We've got the opportunity now for you to go to try to call dot com forward slash. Join J. O. Y. N. The right downtrodden cub dot com forward slash. Join and you can basically get everything you need to get yourself going very steep discount. Settle wouldn't do it again. We are going to do it. A giant because this stimulus package for educating public. Now two things that it is going to give you an opportunity for you to be at to learn how to make money now. They're going to be locked six months or whatever it's going to be o'malley longer without income then this is something that you should be starting now. Not where things get too bad. We've seen the results are starting to light to implement some form of a plan. Now is ground zero now is your chance to get started and we are discounted for so that you can do number two. What's going to do with this guy and keep you busy with something to focus on work with. These markets are open twenty four hours. Seven days awaken as much as. I'm not suggesting that you sit there and trade all that time. I am suggesting you're going to have the time to actually get stuck in and really really learn this stuff. Okay keeps you sign because you don't board it. Keeps you of Netflix? It keeps you Brian Growing. We can take time. He to do mind numbing things we can take time he to educate empower ourselves. Get across the tried called dot com forward slash join. You can say the opportunities the runoff already Hubbard. Did you do take advantage of that. This is now. Never Tong God. Have you ever considered trading stock considering it and stop buddy will doing it? Because Utah is now Costa Markets. We did say the boy and the many global indices Certainly still down but not as bad off the back of the potential unlimited quantitative easing now that means it means A. Bitcoin should likely up in value. Why well if you flood the mock with unlimited supply? Well it supply and demand game. If the why'd you go up to match the inflation is going to be problems and Never has really done a whole lot. Well as markets go up at a certainly Waken dollars and it has certainly also made it a very relatively unfairly applying ground if If that makes sense yeah. Bitcoin so certainly saw the moves. We did see a very strong moving bitcoin. Not Currently we sitting at six thousand four hundred forty seven dollars up ten point. Three percent the dominant force across the ten is bitcoin. She's backed by. She's pushing hard. She's above the She's moving well on a theory. Rotten won't currently one thirty two dollars and sixty cents up a good point five five percent on trading. The Low A..

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