House approves final Coronavirus stimulus after thwarting last minute block by republican Thomas Massie


Investors are keeping an eye on Congress the house started debate on a massive coronavirus economic recovery bill the AP soccer Madani reports this may hit a snag the house will be in order the house began with Maryland Steny Hoyer called an unusual but critical session with lawmakers keeping their distance not out of hostility but out of love for one another but there is also anger on the house floor where GOP maverick Thomas Massie's threatening to delay passage until most members return for a roll call vote instead of allowing the relief bill to pass by voice vote several GOP leaders have been pushing Massey to back off with Texas is Kevin Brady saying quick passage is vital for the nation today's vote is about saving lives and livelihoods president trump is ripping Massey on Twitter as a third rate grand Stander who just wants publicity man who should be thrown out of the G. O.

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