'Do Skunks Like How They Smell?' And Other Silly Questions


We'll start out with a question from Lilly she asks. Why do pickles and cactuses like each other? I will admit lily. I've never thought about the fact that pickles kind of resemble some CACTI but now that you mention it they do and if you've ever picked a cucumber straight from the garden you might know that some varieties of cucumber have little spikes on them just like a cactus. If you're wondering. Pickles are cucumbers that have been pickled in vinegar brine. You can make other kinds of pickled vegetables too but let's just keep it simple and assume lillies talking about pickled cucumbers to make things even more confusing. There's actually a cactus called cucumber. Cactus and I think that cactus looks less like a cucumber than some other kinds of cactus but back to the question cucumber and CACTUS are both plants. But they're in different plant families. They're not very closely related. Cucumbers are in the Gourd family related to things like pumpkins squash and watermelon CACTI. That's the plural of CACTUS. Cacti are succulents plants that store water not all succulents are CACTI. But that's the family there in so I guess the fact that both of these plants look of alike is random but there are actually in nature a lot of reasons that things that aren't related lookalike. Sometimes it's because there are patterns that repeat through nature and we see them in all kinds of objects. Another reason is something called convergent evolution. We're different organisms like plants or animals develop similar traits similar. Looks or ways of doing things even though they're not related often it's because they have had to adapt to similar environments and they both did it in the most effective and efficient way even though they were doing it separately. I don't know if that's what's happening with pickles. Cacti but I think it could be. I'm GONNA keep thinking about this and maybe we can circle back around to it in a future episode. If we find out anything interesting at any rate really good observation lily. Hi My name is Jesse. I live in Charlottesville Vermont Annoying Sheldon I would like to know what our googlers made out of you declan. Don't tell anyone but I actually don't think your question is all that gross. It's always good to know what's in your body right. Put simply buggers are just dried or congealed snot. So what's not? Snot is more politely and scientifically known as Mucus Producing Mucus. Is One of the ways. Your body stays healthy. Your body produces a leader of mucus every day in your nose your sinuses and your digestive tract mucus sticky and it helps to keep all the dirt dust and pollen out of your lungs so the mucus in your nose likes to hang around and stick to the little hairs on the inside of each nostril. That's how it can catch some of that dust and dirt that you're breathing in so you don't get it deeper into your body and sometimes that Mucus Kinda dries up there and it forms boogers. Mostly it's okay to just leave the boogers alone. You know but if you need to get rid of them user tissue. Here's a question from Bennett. Employers now eleven San Carlos Santana California in my question is. How do you fish C. Underwater without goggles? Our answer comes from Joe Blasi of the New England aquarium in Boston so animals have. Is that our builds in a way that is best for their environment. So your eyes designed to see an air. And that's the way that they work best so with you. Swim underwater with no goggles. Your is can't see really well so what happens when you put on goggles. There's a little teeny tiny bit of air. That's trapped in the goggles with your eyes so you can still see underwater. Now Fish. Don't need goggles. Because there is designed to work under water they still have the same parts that you do. There's a cornea an iris and pupil The way that the light gets in and bounces around. And then transmits a signal to their brain so they can see things. I'm and some fish can actually see really well considering the refresh But there is designed to work much better in a water environment rather than an Air Environment. One of the reasons that humans blink is to keep our eyes wet so do fish need to blink at all. They don't fish. Don't have eyelids blinking necessary. Whoa fish don't have eyelids cool now onto skunks hi. My name is enchanted. Seven years old. I live in Melbourne California. My question is like the smell of themselves. That's a good question and we found just the right person to answer it. Mary Holland is a naturalist and she was actually the very first guest on. But why more than three years ago discounts like the smell themselves as often as I've encountered skunks and even been spray by one. It has never occurred to me to wonder how the smell affects the skunk. I've always been more concerned with how it affects me. According to Dr Jerry. Tegu an expert on skunks and head of the Dragoon Institute for the betterment of skunks and skunk reputations skunks. Do not enjoy the smell of their own spray or the spray of other skunks. Skunks rarely spray each other or other animals. They only have a certain amount of spray inside them and once it's all used up. They must go several days without it while their body manufacturers more during this time they are defenceless so they only spray another animal. If they are seriously threatened. So if you don't WANNA get sprayed. Mary says it's best not to scare a skunk. They don't want to spray you. Prior to spraying a skunk will give ample warning to its enemy by stamping his front feet. If this is ignored then skunk will spray as a last defense when Scott Spray. They rarely get any on themselves though. They can tolerate their own smell. They do not appreciate getting it in the face and is from another skunk. A Scott. Sense of smell is even stronger than humans so if anything the skunk suffers more than anyone who has had the misfortune of being sprayed if a skunk does encounter counter the spray of another skunk. It will rub its face in the dirt sneeze or try to groom itself to get rid of the sprays odor

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