Johann Sebastian Bach 4: The Story of the Brandenburg Concertos


That's the opening to the fifth of six Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach. Why start with number five well first of all the concerto numbers don't really have anything to do with the order in which. Bach wrote them. The Fifth Brandenburg Concerto features a Harpsichord and the story of the Brandenburg concertos begins with a trip. That Johann Sebastian Bach took to pick out a new HARPSICHORD for the prince whose court orchestra he conducted. There are actually three solo instruments in the Brandenburg Concerto number five Harpsichord violin and flute. The harpsichord is an ancestor of the piano. But as you can hear it doesn't sound the same. That's because Harpsichord strings are plucked by teeny tiny. Quills in a piano. The sound is made by hitting the strings with small felt covered hammers. Here's a spot where the harpsichord plays alone. So you can hear it while he was on his trip looking at Harpsichord he met Chris. Jon Ludvig the Margrave of the province. That's like a state of Brandenburg. Margrave is a fancy title. They used to give to military governors of German provinces. The margrave of Brandenburg had his own orchestra and when he found out. Bach was a composer. He said he wouldn't mind hearing some of his work. Only own okay. There's the Brandenburg Concerto number one. It has a really huge group of Solo instruments. Seven in all Bach was thrilled that the Margrave was interested in his music. He thought there might be a good job prospect for him in Brandenburg so he pulled together a set of concertos mostly stuff he'd already written for the orchestra he conducted and sent them off with a very flowery letter to the Margrave the Brandenburg Concerto Number. Three IS FOR THREE SETS OF STRING. Instruments Violins violas and cellos. It's a good thing. Bach didn't hold his breath waiting for an answer from the margrave because he never got one in fact the margrave probably never even looked at these beautiful concertos. What A DOOFUS. Part of the problem may have been that his orchestra wasn't as big as the one baulk road them for so the Margaret didn't have the musicians to play them but he could have at least sent a thank you note. That's the six Brandenburg Concerto. It's also just for strings given the Margrave of Brandenburg's rudeness. You can bet that. Bach didn't name his concertos Brandenburg years. After he died one of Bach's biographers attached the name to them and obviously it stuck Bach called his pieces concertos for a variety of instruments which is a pretty good description since each one is written a

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