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I here in the United States says since Friday it


Jerome Adams this he says will be the saddest and hardest week of our lives let that sink in for a second then using terms like Pearl Harbor and nine eleven this is really incredible where we are right now and where we will be apparently for the next couple of weeks last night there was another coronavirus briefing held at the White House and originally there was not one schedule Joe but does this briefing was held and when that came out of the thought was maybe there would be some breaking information here but we didn't hear really anything new instead there is been a a lot of confusion sown over the weekend about the use of masks the use of any type of medication where supplies are and where they want to get to there's just so much confusion in the country right now Joe that I think everybody should just use common sense and whether a day involves wearing a mask or not the information from the CDC is that we should be wearing a mask whatever we go out to protect ourselves and to protect others since we now know that people can be a symptomatic for a long time with this cold at nineteen virus they could have it without knowing it

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I here in the United States says since Friday it

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