Trump urges Florida governor to allow coronavirus-stricken ship to dock


Still no end to the saga it's C. for passengers trapped in some cruise ships that are been stricken by covert nineteen call mostly store reports his entrance saying that both of those both those on time and the Rotterdam should be able to dock in Florida that's in contrast to what the governor of Florida is saying right now but the president saying these people need to be able to dock in Florida and finally get back on land they had been out to sea since the beginning of March governor Ron DeSantis says he doesn't want sick passengers dumped on his state in Florida four people are dead on board nearly two hundred more R. six several cases of covered nineteen are confirmed healthy passengers were transferred to the Rotterdam over the weekend president trump now saying let them dock is the right thing to do that's in contrast to his response in February when he said the grand princess should stay off the coast of California after Kobe nineteen outbreak on board it did finally dock in Oakland but more than six hundred crew members are still quarantined on board of course all of this very personal for us our former co worker and friend Seth Wayne is on board and he's working for Holland America right now and he is

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