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Louisiana church holds services, defying coronavirus stay-at-home order


On and watch the service from their own home from the the comfort and more importantly from the safety of their homes but all homes to keep from becoming infected or infecting anybody else with this horrific disease we now know Joe that's it the the pastor of the church in Tampa who was arrested a couple of times for holding services has decided to close down for now he says not in order to protect the congregation from corona virus but he says it's good to protect his congregation from what he calls a tyrannical government thank you did hold a larger service online and says he'll do so next Sunday for Easter is also that you but instead is that after state I think that the church leaders who do decide to hold their services are being encouraged may be emboldened by state leadership here in Texas and in Florida and Louisiana three states with with pretty high rates of coronavirus you'll find that the governors have excluded denture services from the gathering at restrictions that are in place for the rest of the you know for the rest of the people there are four different institutions so

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Louisiana church holds services, defying coronavirus stay-at-home order

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