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Ali for five days and I felt fine


Well he did get better he used his inhalers for the asthma he was put on an antibiotic in the event that he had a secondary bacterial infection in his lungs and he says within several days he began to feel better now he says he feels back to normal he's very healthy he's young doctor generally speaking people with chronic heart or lung disease appear to be at higher risk especially older people but the CDC says there's not enough information to determine specific risks tied to each condition okay I want to ask you a question that has been circulating in my family and friend group a lot over the past couple days for people who have gotten it and then recovered how do they know when they're not contagious anymore when they can go back out into the world well the standards for health care workers are different than the guidelines for the rest of us Rodney Daniel was off work for about three weeks he's now back to work and the process to be cleared back to work that his hospital uses is this the guidelines that we're using in our fourteen days past your initial symptoms plus seventy two hours of no symptoms

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Ali for five days and I felt fine

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