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18 Years After Murder And Arrests, Convictions In Daniel Pearl Killing Are Reversed


Tracks a were Pakistani in the court hospital this week overturned the convictions of four men and accused he let in her the murder he's reports of of water Wall Moreno Street journal reporter said Daniel he suspected pearl the ship the beheading of Daniel pearl was videotaped and released to the world just after the nine eleven attacks and Reggie how did reports on the latest twist in the case Daniel call had been reporting on the connections between Pakistani religious militants of the so called shoe bomber Richard Reid when he went missing in January two thousand and two in Pakistan the hunt continues for all those responsible in the kidnapping and killing of Wall Street journal reporter Daniel pearl the wait was killed was a portent of how jihadists would you cinematic violence against innocents that video tape was delivered to the U. S. consulate in Karachi the tape shows the gruesome last moments of pearl's life within weeks of his killing Pakistani authorities we do arrested the crisis three accomplices in Louisiana and governor the chief bel Edwards suspect is urging police residents say state off mod life Omar Saeed ally Sheikh by was is taken that a home into custody order this morning and the fast state health forward departments to last Thursday at a number of positive when a judge of tests the High Court in the Louisiana in Pakistan's top Sindh ten province thousand overturned Alabama the guilty verdicts governor Kay against Ivey the three accomplices orders as citizens he said they killed and the have thing not Tuesday been proven at beyond home reasonable through the doubt end of April and the judge tend ruled to chef control guilty the spread only of the of kidnapping virus and cleared twelve him of the murder charge yeah all of order Danny's Atlanta family joins and friends all were of blind the sided state that's was already old friend limit and colleague citizens etcetera to nominee only eighteen travel years shopping later Hey in the thirty nine the state dark of issued the night a stay home as we or slept and here the in last the United Gulf States coast state to do so we learned governor that Ivey Omar have Sheikh been lucky to issue receives the order this get citing out of jail concern free card over the state's economy nobody believes chef but he said who it was how born many in Britain days were not was compliant part of a terrorist with previous network guidelines propped up by the Pakistani will intelligence not service pay in addition to she the order oversaw that it would actually an investigative do research a lot of project a so that concluded this is chef saying planned polls kidnapping and a say murder sixty to but Martin the researchers found stadium the home act of itself the so was likely carried out by what solid a lot of disposal chef Mohammed just not the paying mastermind attention of nine eleven she held officers at the Mohammed center of testing Sayed for chef corona and his virus accomplices is now all taking appealed place the convictions across the state in two thousand with and a two backlog in in some pocket labs stahn cases of seven can languish for years but former Pakistani lawmaker office of hot talk so the timing of the ruling wasn't an accident I think they were waiting for the move to change the United States and a sign that the mood had changed came in late February after a by this time had successfully brokered a deal between the US and Taliban that deal calls for most American forces to withdraw from Afghanistan hi tech says its signal to Pakistan's military that America is walking away it seems the so called what Intel has come to an end but other Pakistani analysts say the timing as coincidental and say the sudden ruling reflects the country's coded justice system the state department called it an affront to victims of terrorism everywhere the Pakistani prosecutors appealing to his country's Supreme Court and no money close friend says she hopes justice will prevail what we hope now is that the Pakistani government and the prosecutor does the right thing pursues this case to the highest levels in the Pakistani justice system and keeps Omar Sheik in jail for now sure the others will remain in jail yesterday the Sindh government ordered they remain in detention arguing that they're a risk to public

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18 Years After Murder And Arrests, Convictions In Daniel Pearl Killing Are Reversed

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