Biden holds huge 24-point edge over Sanders in Michigan


And news is breaking just out the Detroit Free Press poll Biden holds a huge twenty four point edge over Sanders in Michigan take it with a grain of salt though Hillary had a twenty five point lead over Sanders in Michigan last time Sanders ended up winning Michigan's primary by one point four percent so you know could could Bernie have another miracle he better because if he doesn't well it could be a bad thing cut number eight it is I do think is his campaign has two weeks to live no proof that it's viable in the next two weeks Michigan and Ohio being to me the two biggest S. he's got it right that's Chuck Todd friend of the show giving about a fortnight to show that he's not a complete loser but again as of yesterday there really wasn't much polling had no you know I was almost I think Nate silver was on Twitter complaining about that and then we get this thing twenty four point a lot of Bernie loses Michigan anywhere north of twenty points that's a that's I don't think he gets a fortnight hi yeah I I think I don't think you walk there because he's got people like AOC behind about it let's cut one Michigan we have a Goliath in our country today the life of the fossil fuel industry the Goliath of big pharma the last the a big money in politics yeah I hate those guys you've made our life good and have saved our life I hate them so much that's Bernie Sir here here's the problem with Bernie Sanders people they are not bright they're just not socialism who's the guy who still think socialism is a good idea will Bernie Sanders and his followers now the Democrat party understands the establishment understands of Bernie Sanders is a disaster that normal Americans are gonna look at this question comic curmudgeon inside all heck no actually I might not say hack but I'm trying to remain SEC compliant he would he would make Walter Mondale look like LBJ over Goldwater he just got trounced so of course their salaries if we need to go by then they like to bind because he's frankly completely out of it and would be a wonderful popped for the establishment of the Democratic Party he would do what they say they they run the country he be on the rose garden chasing chasing that uppity squirrels who keeps looking at him through the window the yeah I feel Bernie Sanders supporter how are you feeling right now the feeling good feeling respected because I gotta tell you you've been broken and humiliated you have been betrayed you've been lied to yeah the establishment has made sure that the fix is in your voice has been silenced by Donald Trump though you're told Donald trump's the cause of all your problems but by your own party and what are you going to do but what about it are you are you just gonna take it are you going to let the establishment the corporate Democrat party because you know that the idea of Republicans as the party of big business cannot cannot all these fortune five hundred guys they all the top the politics of their second wife they're all Democrats and you you are going to obey the corporatist part that's what you're going to do Bernie Sanders is going to have this election stolen from him again when you gonna cry in warning and then you're going to obey exactly you are going to do what your commander because you're not smart because you support a socialist and your weak and cowardly I'm just gonna try to call names I'm just calling it like it is you're going to be abuse and then you're going to come back

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