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Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 3): Dirty Electricity Motor Edition


Welcome to the show where we don't just report on fringe science spirituality and claims of the paranormal lunatic. We take pride ourselves on them. The claims we show up. So you don't have to sponsor an Kerry poppy and we are back at the conscious life expo. Yes there's so much stuff. Going on at the conscious. Expo in Los Angeles happens every year in February at the Lax Hilton. It has for the last eighteen years sixteen years eighteen hundred. This was the eighteenth year eighteen years. Eighteen long years old someone could get born and become an adult and all that time finally we got to go and even with the little amount of time we spent there is a little. You spent more time than I did. We got see a lot of stuff l. I rarely have this much. Just immersive fun. Yeah it was great so this will have to be our regular thing unless they set people out front to identify US internist away or they don't let us. We liked it. Yeah yeah all right. So let's tell you more about what happened so if you're just joining us for the first time you should go back to episodes to start at the beginning of this investigation. If you're into the whole chronology thing okay. Well I'll tell you a little bit more about some booths. Please do the okay very good. So yeah well. I was still downstairs on that bottom basement level. I haven't been there yet at this point. You're being overwhelmed. Oh my goodness yeah. There's nothing whelming about this expo here right. It's definitely overwhelming. I forgot to tell you a little bit more about the water smacker that that guy was sounding the waters Magar. That's a great title. So the water smacker cleans up blood plaque lowers blood pressure. Rebuilt a drunk liver one drunk. I guess so okay. Colon cancer cured. I realized the lack of parallelism. This is how it was written out. Okay there's knows. Verb agreement tour consistent tents correct. Water weight was lost very passive way to say that but okay also equally impressive two colon cancer cured in my opinion in. Collagen came back. Friday broke my Algebra muscle pain. Gone and Karen and blood clot pain gone away which now I think about it. You should make sure the blood clots. Scott had actually gone away. Not just the pain. Okay then there was also Judy Jewett. She was giving readings for conscious. Women which you pointed out is better than giving them to unconscious women and tease. You're just GONNA get no money helpful way. Can I ask about the water? Slapper what is it is a device. It seems like it was just a water. Purifying thing you add to your existing water system okay so you plug it in somewhere between some pipes and change. Sounds slaps the water. Yeah this is the exact sort of thing that doesn't catch my eye. I'm like Oh yes that would have caught. Russ's I would've been like good Ross's on that. Maybe I took a photo of it. Look through later so conscious women. Yes Judy Jewett. She empowers conscious women to balance their relationships and career. So when I got home I went to her website. Or maybe some email I think I signed up for her list and ended up going to her website and it said she give you a free reading free ten minute reading so I clicked on the link for that link was broken. Wrote her back said. Oh just why this links broken. She said no problem. Just fill out this form. She sent me a form was a PDF. I Like Road on PDF and then not easy to do. But you can do that. You can do it Senate back. And she's like I can't open I can't see it. What did you do? You know? This is worth the effort. Having Amore conscious than you. At least that tells you that. They're not using hypnosis. If they're helping conscious women touche okay then there was something called Cap. La KUNA leany activation process. Oh yeah that was downstairs. I remember seeing that and I think you sent me a photo of their booth inside and stop by there. What were they all about? They activate your coon Delaney. I saw some people doing it. Looked like some people were sitting at. Some people were standing in the standing people were holding their hands out over the sitting people and they were doing that for quite some time. I think that's a common theme with this expo. You walk around the show floor in these various booths and there's very often some sort of one on one consultation happening and it could be any variety maybe one person sitting and the other person has their hand like waving over their head or maybe they've got a pendulum that they're waving over them or maybe there's a lighted device held up to the side of their temple or they're holding hands and they both have their eyes close. You know there's always just these little one on one someone signed up to do X. Right now is being performed and depending on how long I've been there that day I do or don't feel an impulse to walk up to the person paying money and be like you don't need to do this. You really don't this is so they're insulting you right now. They're insulting you and I'm insulted for. You doesn't happen until pretty late. When Carrie starts lose some patience yeah at the very very end of my last day I was like Okay Carrie. It's time for you to go because there was one young woman. This English woman who was buying a beaded bracelet. That I swear to. God should have been two dollars. It was like so clearly cheaply made like no wait to it. Just click it against the plastic box. I was listening in on her conversation with a salesman and he was like. Let's see this one is. I think it was two hundred. Eighty five dollar. No and he ran through this very quick spiel where he's like now. Just be clear. This doesn't cure treat or little but it was like this very quick clipped. Here's my legal claimer. Yeah they said it what it does is activate the existing healing power thing. You understand and she just went along with it. Yeah I understand I just. I just wanted to be like listen. Do I obey the prime directive here or do I step in and save this woman much needed rent money? Yeah 'cause like that's just a guy I'm just a lady then she'd at least have to pick Anyway okay who was down there on the bottom floor. There was David Young now. This is the only thing I regret not buying their but I should have bought this David young channels. You know what? Let's leave this blank for a second. Okay David young channels someone and he wrote a book about it where he writes out all of the messages he gets from this person. I'm GONNA anxious Dolphin. John Putting clothes no not anxious purple off. It is a human guy. Let's see I'm going to try to narrow town for you. Know I guess it's a extra firms real human. Oh okay alive in the last. Let's say two hundred years store go figure okay. Two hundred years so male okay. That's all you get okay. So would have lived in the maybe late. Seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds so maybe a revolutionary figure. I mean well the less. I'm not saying two hundred years ago. I see okay but within the last okay. Was this person prominent in America. It's a male Harry Houdini. Oh that's a good one George Harrison. Oh okay so the beat off Yup the beetle so David young channels George Harrison. Get too many messages from him. And if you open his book channeling Harrison I was like well. What is George Harrison? Have to say almost every single one was just George Harrison analyzing a Beatles Song. Okay in giving you the meaning of while my guitar gently weeps right okay. I feel like I would've come up to him and try to have some fun asking about William Henry Harrison. He had a very short tenure as the president because he insisted on doing that parade. Thanks Not William Henry. Oh Benjamin Harrison. Then Oh my mistake interested. Harrison Ford. Yes so then. He also had a book called the true story of Jesus and his wife. Mary Magdalena I think he would have really liked this. One the subtitle was there untold truth through art and evidential channeling and then by David young and under his name. It said this book is not about religion and I am not a Christian. It would be fun to kind of compare and contrast his account with the one written by Doug batchelor that I read. Yeah okay during the amazing facts investigation because he also treated it like he had had this vision of Mary. Magdalene SA- life which I took scriptural exception to be both of them having equal claim to the knowledge of the correct happening. I didn't even remember. That's a bachelor was like sort of portraying himself as a profit that way but yeah. I think he would have really liked to this book. It was very densely illustrated very pretty. I opened to a random page in it mentioned Mahanta Uganda yeah. I know. So you're saying you wish you'd about that now. I wish about the torture someone but I think you would've liked that one. Yes sounds very interesting as you get that and the water slobber. Oh yeah okay. Then there was this sign that said go to booth. Four fifty two lays there and lay was described as a psychic woman. Who is the winner of the award of the best psychic of two thousand and five and the best pet psychic of two thousand and seven from the Houston Press? Just WanNa know what happened six. It was a rough year for lay. Yeah really dropped. The ball into doesn't six. Then I saw a guy who had a Bernie Sanders sticker on his back and Tulsi Gabbard pin on his head. Getting mixed messages. Yeah who who are you? What are your what are your things? Talk to me. But I didn't talk to him. My trial doctor. The other day was saying that he liked Tulsi Gabbard and he wasn't sure why she wasn't doing so well and then he paused and he said I guess I know why so then. My next thing was a talk. What were you up to at this point so I was still upstairs seeing how much I could do without getting my wristband just yet. I wasn't purposefully testing the system. Just there was so much and no one was really stopping. Makes THAT ONE LADY. Who said like? Don't walk down this hallway. Where's your where's your wristband so On the other side of where I had seen Jimmy Church and Michael Lease and some of these other boots up on the second floor on the other side they had. It seemed like there was almost a sub conference just four Spanish speakers and there were a Mayan astrology readings which was interesting because they had this sign and it had a fixed to it. This like Angel's wing. Sometimes you see them sort of built with white feathers but this one was built with maybe crow's feathers or something like that was pretty cool and I noticed there is a sign attached to. It was talking about how they had ceremonies. That use Cacao Rapper Jay. But they didn't spell it the way it's spelled i. Double checked US our A. p. e. with an accent over there they put two. Ps I think just to clarify so people are what has been your ceremonies so rob pay is the stuff that we both tried at rid. Mea. That's right. I'm just assuming people remember from so long ago did something akin to tobacco but tobacco maybe partly tobacco. Anyway they blow it up your nose and your high for like five minutes tops and it hurts your head super bad but is very holy. Somehow there was a booth called healing for this century..

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Ross and Carrie Become Conscious (Part 3): Dirty Electricity Motor Edition

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