Creating a Virtual Office Water Cooler


Thing. That's happening to me right now. Is We're locked out of work for good reason. We don't want to go back into that workplace and we'RE GONNA lose. We have lost a lot of internal communications. This friction Lewis Line of sight snippets of conversation audible conversation. Just don't have it and I'm wondering what can I do so I snapped a shot of the screen one of the screens on my android phone. That I use to tap around really quickly to read news and some of the things I would re would be snippets of conversation. I share with people. Well I don't have any share that meeting people so I can't share and more than that. We don't have a list serve. We have no online Commons area. Although we are using stern use Microsoft teams and the zoom video system. Where I work I get regular updates from the very top of feeding chain that would be the president of the Limerick Institute of Technology Vincent Kanani puts out regular updates which are helpful and I can see a flow of information from the common people using the Lat instagram account. It's limerick underscore. It that's the Limerick Institute of Technology and then we do occasionally get mainstream media coverage from like limerick newspapers or from other regional press sources radio or if in the national broadcaster. And what you see your Important initiatives where there are meaningful helpful community enablement procedures. That are put in place. But I can't go to the front page of the website from L. A. T. or to the news section and get a new slow. I gotta read this stuff one page and I don't. I don't like that it's too slow in the background on doing screen shots of things that are affecting me during Kovic nineteen. I'm sharing it on a thing. Called Covert Nineteen Ireland the photo album. On flicker and I'M GONNA look at that every month and see what's happened so like right now. I can have stuff in there about shortages on supermarket shelves and some Radio Station minutes that have been part of as the local community. Ramped up and I have some snaps of what the kids are doing to stay to stay abreast in their teaching and learning. The cool thing is I have a group of students. Small Group created media students who've migrated content through three different durations of a content management systems module. I teach and one of the core values of their work. I'm trying to instill that. They should be able to make their content management process. Friction lists so that the results of what are put into the system can percolate out in this case. Percolate out and serve the internal information needs of the company or The Cross talk requirement of a trading group and may time to reflect as an instructor and what students have done and the students to reflect on what they've done and the share snippets in both cases. The students. Say Here's what we've learned. Here's what we've made. And then for me to affirm that both in terms of academic marks and online discussion. And maybe just maybe this whole process or come around the full three sixty and serve the thing that I started talking about which is help me make the world better with virtual office

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