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Hey guys and Evan Bernstein practicing social distancing via podcasting since two thousand five fifteen years of preparation to this moment paying off talking about the fact that it's good that we have is entirely. I accept that stage. Show thing that we're training up around the time. Hot cast over the A lot of it is online so evan. We missed you last week but I missed you guys. She is doing well thank you. I appreciate the people who have written to me privately and sent well wishes and everything. I've expressed the Jennifer. She very much appreciates it as well. She is on the mend so nice. Yeah so we're getting to the end of our second week of lockdown You know we're managing. We're making adjustments. I think I think a lot of people are learning ways to keep busy to restructure their life. You know I do think that You know people are settling in for the long haul. You know like the First Week. You're like all right. I can do this. You know this is just. You're thinking a week you know like you're not really wrapping your head around the fact that wow this could really go on a long time now. In the second week I'm hearing from a lot of people started to really hit them like this could be while we gotta really make adjustments to our day-to-day structure. You Know Yep yeah I mean bottom line is it's just a life changes and Cara was saying before the show that she's off her schedule right. Everybody's off their most people are off their normal schedule. And you gotta you gotta get creative. And you've got to work with everyone you know you gotta you're cooped up with whoever you're cooped up with maybe up. God forbid you're alone you know some people are alone. A lot of Get on Google hangouts in touch with people like that. They are actually starting to try and like I think the. Who and a lot of larger organizations are wanting to start to phase out the phrase social distancing and phase in physical distancing because you need to be social Right yeah because we don't want to encourage people to not have psychological wellbeing like we need to be in touch with people that we love just not physically in touch because it is hard and also I struggle with this like if I don't have to wake up for on the calendar I will sleep. I will just sleep and sleep and sleep on the couch rolling over like A. I'm going to eat. And then Rollover Watch. Tv Rollover and fall asleep. I Know Har- of a alternates. Cara in some alternate universe. If only you knew somebody who works from home. I have the worst kind of like work from home hygiene and Yeah. I know people who are so good at waking up taking a shower putting on shoes like into their clothes and put. That's crazy talk. That's and that's how they maintain a sense of kind of sanity. Shoes on negative measures are no shoes onto underwears completely optional. This point seriously like three days I should probably change from. It show. It's interesting. Those are all day day schedule is actually not different. This is nine Donald quite as many patients and their online. It's all telehealth but I have to be dressed professionally so I have to. I'm dressing the same way I do for work just sitting in front of my computer rather than going does structure my day. Who there's a. There's a joke there with Dr above the Waist Party boy on the. I don't know something like that can. I'm doing therapy online. But no I'm doing therapy over the phone. I'm doing therapy but but it's over the phone so it really doesn't matter what I look like which it's tough. I still go to office because yeah I'm considered essential. Yeah as an accountant. Yeah they carved out a notch for us at least in the state of Connecticut. They did in which we can go in and I do have clients who still want to see me. They're all in one on one appointments and we're doing all the correct things keeping the ceiling wiping down. Definitely the six foot rule and limited contact. There's even elbow bumps at this point you know we've just stops all all touching right. How typical is Yale's stash of tests across lake other hospitals because I have been the most insane horror stories of people going into the hospital with a fever and a cough getting tested for strep and influenza and when they find those negative saying unless you've been exposed to somebody who traveled outside of the country? We cannot afford to give you a task. You my is sick in bed with what I think is Tova. And they're like can't do it. We don't have enough test to go around. A friend of mine from medical. School is on the front lines in New York State. That has the most cases each other's zoo that they're basically just trying to separate the covert cases from the non code cases. And they are. They are overwhelmed. So yeah and there's a critical shortage of PPA the personal protection stuff. So don't definitely don't hort. Don't buy masks. If you're not a healthcare provider we're going to be talking about some specific things you know in the beginning of the news items as well but really don't anything you feel like you need to do to to protect yourself that involves You know hoarding something or getting something. You probably don't need to do it. And you're probably taking away a critical resource from healthcare providers. So you really should only be doing it. Under your doctor's advice is a sort of good rule of thumb. You don't try. Don't try to short-track anything. Feel like you've got like the inside scoop on something and you're going to be doing something to give yourself in edge. You're probably going to be doing something counterproductive if you do that you know. I've been in lockdown now. I think almost three weeks here in la it was only mandated within the last week or two. But I self quarantined early. Just because that's what health officials were saying we should do. I left once for the grocery store and that was it. Been getting my groceries delivered but last Friday. I was actually asked to go into the studios. Kcet which is one of the networks involved in the kind of family of networks here in Southern California and I filmed a bunch of content for their at home learning initiative so between KCET PBS. Oh Cal and The LA USD The Los Angeles Unified School district. They came up with a bunch of great curriculum for all kids like starting in kindergarten. All the way up to twelfth grade and I got to film a bunch of stuff for all of the math and science content so if you're in southern California highly recommended if your kids are home and they need you know. They're not in school yet because school hasn't come back online yet. Show them show them case. The there's a lot of great programming at home learning. I think it's like pbs dot org slash at home learning to learn more about it. I'm not sure if outside of southern California it's available it may be online though so I would still give it a try. Lots of also a good time for the teaching company and this is just kind of but they have lots of content. They are producing some special content. Because you know people are at home and hungry for it and that's good quick quick update on the numbers so as you're recording this. The number of confirmed corona virus cases. Four hundred sixty eight thousand two were approaching half a million number of deaths is twenty one thousand one hundred and eighty five so unfortunately the death rate is going up The the current death rate if you just count completed cases closed cases is sixteen percent. Wow if you look at all cases it's four point five percent so that the death rate that's probably because of Italy because it'll really hit hard and Italy has. I was really. I was interested in why it leaves getting hit so hard and we know that a lot of it is the way cultural edged but but we also know that they have a much older population. And that because it's not so much. Why are they getting hit so hard? It's wise their death rate so high compared to everybody else's her number of cases and yet it seems to be the case that they have a very aging population lack of two. Yeah they don't have enough they don't have enough just like everybody else doesn't have enough. But they were severely short in as far as ratios goes my understanding but I also was reading across the board that they actually have a pretty decent health in frustration last year and it was really good And north heads like we might not even have beds but the fact that they so. It's a combination obviously of factors but it does seem to be the case that like the actual age of the general population skews significantly older and Italy and we know older. People are at highest risk right and so that that does seem to affect the number of people who who die per the number of people who get the disease and also as we know this may be an underrepresentation. It may be an overrepresentation because there is we absolutely. Don't know the real number of people with With Co with

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