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The country back to work by Easter the president now tells Americans to keep social distancing through the end of April I think in that around Easter that's going to be your spike that's going to be the highest point we think and that is going to start coming down from there that will be a day of celebration and we just don't want to do it right New York is begging for more medical equipment Mr trump tells fox news it is getting help today we're opening up a hospital two thousand nine hundred beds in New York City and week in addition to that we're doing for medical centers in New York City CBS's David bag now the president has the resources are plentiful in arriving but at the state level especially here in New York there seems to be a disconnect you've got leaders and ICU nurses who I'm hearing from who are saying we're still not getting the masks we need to protect ourselves Chicago police say over the weekend they broke up an event where there was no social distancing holder people crowded together for a funeral and drinking from the same Cup used in the service cases are starting to multiply their city health commissioner Allison are woody on CBS this morning we are working very hard to do everything we can to keep the spread down well we prepare the health care system so we've got the hotels in place for isolation working with the jails working with homeless community while most schools of empty their campuses and sent students home one university is under fire for welcoming its students back to campus in Lynchburg Virginia here CBS's Gerry nine liberty president Jerry Falwell junior defiantly opened the school after spring break the city was furious so was most everyone else as students returned nearly a dozen had symptoms of the virus now there's a lot of controversy about testing on the private Christian school campus and Falwell's ordered all returning students to self quarantine for two weeks from his quarantine the British prime minister is asked retired medical profession goals to help with the pandemic CBS is Vicki

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News on the hour your home for

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