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Going to take about five so


WTMJ five day forecast tonight the rain is going to continue for a little while thirty six degrees tomorrow light showers primarily again in the evening hi fifty one Saturday windy and rainy high fifty two Sunday windy a chance for rain a high of fifty and on Monday mostly sunny skies a high of fifty five degrees in Waukesha it's forty in Milwaukee a lot of the rain moving out over the lake but there are still scattered showers in it is thirty six degrees the information you care about Wisconsin's afternoon news on WTMJ governor

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Going to take about five so

Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure 2 months ago

Let's jump in our W. SO peas can Duffy with the very latest I can river runs <Speech_Male> through

WTOP 24 Hour News 5 hrs ago

Tuesday's high eighty seven on Wednesday partly to mostly cloudy high seventy nine

The Beat 7 hrs ago

Rain so we are going to keep an eye on that

WBZ Afternoon News 8 hrs ago

Could be a slew of heat related illnesses just because it's going to be so hot

WTOP 24 Hour News 8 hrs ago

A service of window nation and their body to get two free sale going on right now and Wynn donation dot

KYW 24 Hour News 9 hrs ago

Call eight five then sites today

Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News 13 hrs ago

On our denture line two four

Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News 15 hrs ago

Lane is closed also westbound thirty at Forest Park

KRLD Saturday Morning News 15 hrs ago

Partly cloudy out there in sixty seven degrees this tonight the clouds hello night a fifty eight

The Lake Show with Henry Lake 23 hrs ago

Alternate side parking rules suspended again today

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 23 hrs ago