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The spread of the virus and coordinate our efforts we discuss how


Have president Alberto Fernandez of Argentina prime minister Scott Morrison of Australia president Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil prime minister Justin Trudeau of Canada president xi of China president Emmanuel macron of France chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany prime minister Modi of India president Widodo of Indonesia prime minister just have become day of Italy prime minister Shinzo abi of Japan congradulations to Japan to make a great decision when the Olympics here make it next year twenty twenty one president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico I want to thank the president of Mexico for having done such a great job with respect to the military we have twenty seven thousand Mexican soldiers on our southern border and very few people getting through I can tell you that we got to keep it that way and we have a great relationship with Mexico now president Putin of Russia king Solomon of Saudi Arabia president Ramaphosa of South Africa president moon of as you know the country that we spend a lot of time in South Korea we're working very hard and then prime minister said shares of Spain president or to go out of Turkey prime minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom president of the European Commission Ursula Vander lans president of the European Council Charles

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The spread of the virus and coordinate our efforts we discuss how

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