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Of social distancing now I would imagine many states including our own I'm an anticipate that the governor is going to speak on this today and maybe extend what had been two weeks of the stay at home and I would imagine they're going to extend it here too absolutely it's a no brainer I mean my goodness we're in a pandemic world facing a tsunami of illness and the National Institute of health director Anthony Fauci the doctor there said he expects of the U. the models that predict one hundred to two hundred thousand fatalities because of that here in the United States and you know the way the United States to set up state government city governments county governments they're the ones in charge of making a lot of these calls on social distancing the president or the CDC puts out the recommendations and it's up to the states to follow or or decide how they want to follow through on that like for instance Florida get a lot of kick back for not closing the beaches and the governor of Florida says well New York didn't close down the subway system so what's the difference right so a lot of people are leaving it up to the states which is a good thing and as you well know New York is at the epicenter of CBS's Meg Oliver is there this virus prays on the vulnerable on

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Seven fifty one KDKA radio ten

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