Morons: Its not Roadhouse.. Its a roundhouse!



It's morons in the news. Here's Bob and Sharon Kotkin kickoff morons in the news today with our Moron of the day take it away tied. And there's a young lady in Florida of all places and she got into an altercation with her boyfriend and what happened was the man said when the police showed up that they were lying in bed together and told victim that she wanted to have Some together and he denied her that because of the fact that the lady was going to leave him and get back with us but well the woman then decided to get up in an agitated state and in the altercation yet this is quoted in the report she roundhouse kick demand in. Nope IS REAL LIFE. You round out kicked him and the lady is a black belt in martial. Art is what so when she was detained. The paramedic showed up. She then coughed on the paramedics and screamed. I have corona virus and she was then taken to the hospital where they have not been confirmed whether she did or not but she is being held on seven thousand dollars worth of bond in Florida. I bet she does not have shoes. Just one angry woman you know if anybody can roundhouse kick look. I'm not saying I haven't had my share disappointment and good for you. Lady looked on Sunday around one thirty in the morning. Somebody's listening to this gold. Andy Lynch that was parked in front of a hospital in Philly and they took the ambulance at this period. In our country's history they took it for a joy ride. That's bad enough but apparently they didn't realize that he. Tm was in the back of the ambulance when the TM guy figured out what was going on he called nine one one during the joy. Reid and then when it's slowed down a little bit. He jumped out of the moving ambulance. The he didn't do well. He had to be treated for cuts and bruises at a hospital. The cops eventually found the ambulance abandoned in a parking lot mall so far. They haven't found a dude. Who did this? They will share his and finally Fleecing Carolina looking for two guys who chained in ATM to a stolen pickup truck and tried to drag it away. I'm on Zero Times. Sweep the news. What love a moron? That is not a quitter.

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