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President Trump warns coronavirus crisis could cause a recession, tells governors to buy respirators


President trump at this time says he is not considering a national court of national curfew or a national quarantine but he is leaving open the possibility of taking ng stronger steps for some of the more particularly hard hit areas trump said the government was also discussing taking over some unused buildings that could be used to address kind of like needed hospital capacity but he said he was still hoping that he would not be able to use them you know he's all he also had a discussion earlier today with the governors of the fifty states about getting their help and what he said he needs from them is for them to go out and go to their supply chains and seek respirators which he said could potentially be they could potentially get it faster than the federal government could just very quickly did he speak to the markets the Dow had a horrendous day today yes he did he did say he save that we may be heading for a recession but he said that's not necessarily the case but he said the best thing that they can do for the stock market is to get through this

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