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Voters in Ohio will not go to the polls today despite a last minute court ruling reporter Greg saber is in Cleveland county judge in Columbus denied governor Mike DeWine's request to stop the voting now governor DeWine says his health director Dr Amy Acton will order that the polls be close and in person voting will be delayed three or four primaries are scheduled to go on among them Arizona Illinois and Florida I'm Peter king in Orlando Florida is expected to be a slam dunk for Joe Biden Bernie Sanders recent comments praising Fidel Castro of heard him here he's not popular in Florida anyway four years ago Bernie Sanders lost by about two to one to Hillary Clinton university of central Florida politics professor Aubrey Jewett as Florida's older population gives Biden the ad check tax on the defense after a leaked internal memo instructed moderators not to promote content of the people posting for less than perfect tech consultant Larry maggot the revelation about kick talk having a policy to not promote video that included people who were deemed to be ugly or in a dilapidated environment follows earlier allegations that tick tock which is based in China had censored political speech that was critical of the Chinese government Dow futures up this is CBS news CBS news radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we give you the coverage you can trust this

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