Tyson closes its Iowa pork processing plant during COVID-19


Tyson fresh meats announced today the closure of their meat processing plant in Wallowa county after over a hundred cases of coronavirus have been connected to the facility and here's Kyra seven TV's Michael spears one hundred workers sick and counting in a culvert nineteen cluster at this fourteen hundred person Tyson fresh meats plant near Pasco health officials say they're now racing to contain the outbreak that is added to a surgeon local cases by requiring new preventative measures in mandatory testing for all workers will have to isolate at home until test results come back the county health department said a majority of the sick workers live in the neighboring tri cities area where our CBS affiliate reported Wednesday one Tyson worker a Pasco grandfather died after fighting the corona virus in his family believes he got sick at this plant Tyson will also be closing plants in Tennessee and Iowa after hundreds of cases have been linked to plants in there as well W. Q. eighty eight news in Iowa has some more details on the plant in Columbus junction where two people have died of the virus breaking news Tyson foods now confirming that two of its workers at the Columbus junction plant have died the lies a county plant has been shut down since last week when positive cases were first reported one hundred forty eight Tyson workers have tested positive in Columbus junction Tyson says its plants including one in Joslin north of the Quad Cities are taking extra precautions including taking worker temperatures requiring protective face coverings and conducting additional cleaning and sanitizing in a statement issued tonight Tyson representatives say they are deeply saddened by the loss of two team members at our Columbus junction plant their families are in our thoughts and

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