01-15-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Hits The Web


To a different level and your business and she also talks about the mdr which is this is the first time i've ever heard about this and she used it to change her life umdr i i didn't even know what it was a literally was looking at up as she was talking about it because i was just like i never heard of this and she's gonna talk all about it so you guys will learn about that towards the end of the episode we also talk about her morning routine how she keeps everything organiz while running a business keeping fit keeping fabulous and how she does all of the things that she does with clarity and sincerity and showing up as our high self you guys will totally love this episode and i cannot wait to hear what you think about it in the face but group be sure to share it with a friend rate and review and of course subscribe i also wanted to let you guys know i am creating my weightless for my mastermind that is coming out on february 24th is the launch the official launch date i'm so excited in our first group call will be march verse on the full moon and what i'm going to do is i'm gonna teach a community of female creative entrepreneurs who want to up level their business they feel like they're stock they feel like they're unbalanced they feel like all they're doing is serving and not taking care of themselves so they they're not able to up level they're stuck there frustrated and i'm going to show them how to use the moon cycle to release the fear release the judgment release limiting believe in step into a fit fears in fabulous creative female entrepreneur in this sounds like something your interest in please reach out to me i want to agitate lucy run the first.

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