Results of conservation work becoming noticeable at Luzerne County Courthouse


Change going on with the state it's very hard to maintain the state of that so that if if a database goes down and then i have the restored our app to bring it up that's a lot of work and so a lot of times these availability construct your built to minimise the amount of downtime to minimise say okay it you know if i lose a server i don't have a whole lot of impact from it of course that you'd surf talk about the expenses going out via residue we contact where it yielded of guests ring breaks is like uh we'll just get to it twice the price okay and that's the thing it there's there's that's kind of where i started to think of the cost of doing business because when you think about it if that databases down what's the costing to the business of the if the application can't run because the database was available how much does that cost the business and that's usually wear you start the happens conversations about okay how much higher scale ability do i need and how much as i can cost me to how much is the business going to need this got it so that's your consideration kind of a bit the reliability perspective right what about how you're logging all discos i know that something that comes up frequently when i'm dealing with the database server especially when i'm kind of doing this as a as a solo cowboy for something like obese center servers something is around the logging and i am i would imagine that has some effect unreliability you know like the full simple bowl clogged all that kind of jobs yeah civil service what's called recovery models three recovery models simple balk log and fall and really what these boil down two years.

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