Maine, Tom Kozinski and Bangor Daily News discussed on H.R. Power Hour with David Ciullo


Making waves in maine the manager over rural community who believes the us would be better off if people of different races were to voluntarily separate jackman town manager tom kozinski tells the bangor daily news that he wants to preserve the white majority of northern new england the american civil liberties union of maine says kaczynski's attitudes or a shockingly racist if you thought flu season had reached its peak think again federal health officials say in new york a low and more than 1600 flu patients were hospitalized this week the centers for disease these control and prevention says nearly six percent of every one who sick and seeing a doctor right now has the flu fox's joy piazza hawaii is the only state that does not have widespread illness sorry ladies grammywinning singer ed sheeran is off the market hunting thanks man sheeran announcing his engagement to his girlfriend on instagram this morning pamphlets sale fox news radio.

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