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Hey republicans control the white house the senate the house that's why america and the world are calling this shut down the trump shutdown senate minority leader chuck schumer the dental later took the extraordinary step of filibustering this bipartisan bill and initiating his own government shutdown senate majority leader mitch mcconnell president trump is again tweeting about the shutdown saying quote it's great to see how hard republicans are fighting for our military and safety at the border the dan's just want a legal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked it's becoming a rallying cry for conservatives efforts to unveil a memo that allegedly reveals abuses of government surveillance this mysterious story started brewing last week spawning its own hashtag on twitter release the memo republican florida congress and rhonda's santos has seen the classified memo which alleges the federal government misuse fighting programs for political advantage of dislike shaking my head you've got to be kidding me i can't believe they did that fox news has told lawmakers agreed to release them out there will be a fiveday waiting period and much like the jfk files the president would have to decide whether to block its release in washington rachel sutherland fox news secretary of state rex tillerson on his way to europe to talk about iran the secretary wants support from britain and france for tough new penalties against horon fox.

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