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Federal investigators before he was fired i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi lying to the fbi is a felony flynn was a loyal trump surrogate during the campaign but he was fired as the president's national security adviser after just twenty four days at the time the white house said he was fired for lying to vice president pence about his communications with kislyak sugars justice reporter paula reid several hundred people demonstrated yesterday on wall street against the tax bill passed by the senate w cbs reporter lethem heart hundreds marched to the new york stock exchange for a rally led by new york mayor bill de blasio he warned the bill is income equality on steroids said we don't stop it you're going to see the biggest manmade disaster hit the american economy american federation of teachers president randi weingarten called on the crowd to stop the bill halfway at a way wilma rugged does even harper cbs news new york north carolina authorities say they have found what they believed to be the body of a threeyearold girl missing since last monday the body of mariah woods was found yesterday in a creek about twenty five miles from her home in jacksonville w n c tv reporter elizabeth you we do not yet know any cause of death the da says he's waiting for the medical examiner's report it's important to note this investigation is not over it's far from it in fact and we could potentially see more charges in the future the boyfriend of the trials mothers been charged with tidy little mariah his body it's unclear how she died a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a campus front party fighting back all yours for blocked turner appealing claiming his clients first trial was a string of lies defense attorney stephen clarke who is not connected to the case says turner's legal team is looking for a fair shot barrett hack it vick on many ground including negative and inaccurate pretrial publicity are also saying the court should have instructed on lesser charges and given jury different option new york city's metropolitan opera says and launch an investigation into conductor james levine the new york times reports the probe is based on a 2016 lake forest illinois police report in which a man accused levine of sexually abusing him dating back to the.

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