Extra Sauce Episode 31: The Top 17 Of 2017 Part II


Okay be not a crime of passion be if you just wanted to just murder okay i'm because i'm gonna i don't want this to be just like a depressing podcasts episode where i am admitting that i used to cut myself like i don't want it to be just about that that's not what this podcast is about it's um so we can make light of the subjects of the yeah let's turn it around turn it around i mean this turnaround in to turn it a fucking round i have this theory though the people that aren't like me because i know i i would love to be a great serial killer oh but i don't have it in me because i am wade too emotional i can't lie i'm a terrible liar no my surprise okay will then maybe you win it but i have a theory that people that are able to control their emotions and an remained calm in situations those are the people need to watch out for because those are the ones that are going to murder mere gin and get away with it well he missed our country blood your life but by soliders so he still should we he so you're cut fail done so i mean have you ever thought about murdering someone no i mean i've never actually like truly thought about murdering someone as in like full on murder but if he thought about whether you could get away with it or not like just like couldn't you get away with murder all know probably not see you're not a narcissist i don't i know i could never get away with murder i don't yeah i have some friends that are cocky enough that think they can get away with murder no yeah i would be way too nervous i'd probably like i'd be sloppy shaken in i don't know i'd be sloppy as fuck like okay have you seen scandal have you watch a scandal yeah have watched yeah okay huq and he's so diligent with every little thing yeah can't do it no yet i first of all scandal isn't the only show that can teach you about murdered there's a million hello oxygen.

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