Prof. James Lindsay Describes the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory


This before, but I have to do it again for the record across all of the stations, the 300 stations we broadcast to the millions of listers and viewers because it really, to this day I find it shocking James that you really, and I did this in my second book. You can really map the thinkers of the new left. You can map the individuals who came up with these dastardly ideas. They have names. They have schools. They have institutions that they penetrated. So let's start with the basics. Who peopled the Frankfurt school and what did they believe in? So give us some of the big names and what they thought of western civilization. Okay, so the Frankfurt school for the listeners who don't know is that the institute for social research that was set up at guard to university in Frankfurt, Germany. That's why it's called the Frankfurt school. Its original name was the institute for Marxism, but its financiers like Felix veal thought that that was a little bit too on the nose. And so they changed the name to the institute for social research. The kind of big players at the time would have included in the formative years before it actually came together. And he went to prison. Antonio gramsci, the Italian Marxist who basically outlined the idea of the long march to the institutions as it later got named, but he was only kind of tangential. The other big names that have been Gustav von schmoller, for example, and George Lucas laying the architecture, working with max horkheimer, who became one of the most significant directors in the late 1920s through the 1940s, Theodor adorno, Herbert marcuse, these are major influential names and figures in 20th century Marxism. And their goal was to reinvent Marxism to take over the western context rather than peasant societies like Russia and China. Because and correct me if I'm getting this wrong, but people like gramsci and others saw this success of Marxist ideology in very backward third world nations very agrarian post feudalistic ones like China in 48 and saris thrasher in 17, but they saw an incapacity of Marx's amox marxian ideas to gain traction in well developed a first world nations with a strong judeo Christian basis. So their idea was, there isn't going to be a class consciousness suddenly erupting in a revolution, therefore we have to subvert existing institutions from the outside. Is

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