Iranian Plot to Assassinate US General Foiled by Mossad


From the post millennial side a great site Iranian plot to assassinate U.S. general in Berlin foiled by Israel's Mossad The Mossad had been operating in Iran at the time when they captured an interrogated mansoor rasuli Who admitting during an interrogation that he had been ordered to assassinate a U.S. general in Berlin A journalist in France and a worker at the Israeli consulate in Istanbul Israeli officials pointed out that the threat posed by the Islamic revolutionary guard corps applies not only to Israel but to other nations around the globe The officials also noted that this plot is part of a larger target list which includes recently foiled plots in both Kenya and Columbia Rosalie who admitted that he was ordered to establish a terror cell during drug cartels to assassinate his targets According to the Israeli defense forces the plot was organized by a member of unit 8 40 A secret operations unit that organizes infrastructure for terror groups within Western countries The Iranian government was reportedly willing to pay over $1 million for the assassination of these targets The operative who was part of Iran's quds force was reportedly paid a 150,000 to quote prepare for the assassinations According to reports from the U.S. UK and turkey Iran has been using international crime groups to carry out its agenda in countries around the world These plots include the hiring of zen dashi cartel to abduct or assassinate Iranian defectors in turkey Which has been ongoing since 2015 I wonder who the general is But it's my understanding that they had a price on Pompeo's head

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