Why the Left Doesn't Care About Children


Will tell you, I will tell a story that I've never I've never actually said, it's one of the few things about my life I've never said publicly. So as you, Julie know, I have two sons, one of them is biological and one is adopted. And you know that it is irrelevant to me, the issue of biology, but anyway, I have one of each. So my late wife, the mother of the second child who was adopted. She and I were looking to find a child to adopt in America. And we were put in touch with a woman whom we actually met. And then it was revealed to us that she was an alcoholic. And a drug addict. And so with great heartbreak in me, because I had already sort of created an emotional bond with the child I never met. We abandoned that plan. But I was always curious what happened, and a an evangelical Christian couple, in Canada. Ended up adopting the child knowing that the birth mother was a drug and alcohol addict. It is, it has never left my consciousness. I always wanted to know what happened to that child. I only wish obviously I wish him or her well. But I always thought about that Christian couple. For whom it was irrelevant, ironically, it turned out that unbeknownst to my late wife and me, my child was born to a drug and alcohol addict too. Yes. It shows you man plans God laughs, the famous Jewish saying. And we thank God things have turned out so beautifully and he's now married as a few weeks ago. As you know, but this notion that the pro life people, don't care about these all these children once they're born is a gigantic left wing lie.

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