Producer Andrew and Dr. Keith Rose Discuss Bill Gates' COVID Response


I want to play another clip for a Bill Gates here from that same talk he was giving. That's just cut one. Let's go ahead and play it and we'll react to it after that. Cut one. It wasn't until early February when I was in a meeting that experts at the foundation said, there's no way, you know, this there's been too much travel without diagnosis for us to contain this. And then at that point, we didn't really understand the fatality rate. We didn't understand that it's a fairly low fatality rate. And that it's a deceased mainly of the elderly kind of like flu yeah, so glad we didn't overreact, right? Doctor Rhodes. Well, I just appreciate the fact that Bill Gates and his experts as soon as they realize that there was no way to quote contain this came out and said that lockdowns weren't effective in that, let's not crush the economy. Let's not cause an increase in drug use and suicides. Let's not destroy jobs. Let's do something different. It's interesting. He talks about it. And if you're watching talk, he's just kind of rattling off the top of the head like there were no consequences to this. No, it was his group that funded the IHME that gave us these bogus projections in the beginning that forced all the lockdowns that said there were going to be millions and millions of deaths. So Amelia culpa two years later, I mean, it's not even to me a culprit's like, oh, I guess we got it wrong.

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