Pastor John Amanchukwu on the Danger of the Word 'Justice'


Way. Why is the black community not saying, hang on, why are they so keen to abort our black children and they're using Democrat money and then the Planned Parenthood is funding Democrat candidates? Can't they put two and two together and say they're coming after Ross pasta John? Well, yeah, they have sold us a bill of goods. Here's the thing. When you slap this sexy word called Jessica on a thing, it seems sanitized or moral or right, you know? We're going to support reproductive justice, you know, we're going to support transgenderism justice or justice for those individuals who are hated by society. And so when they do that, people begin to say, you know what? Well, maybe, you know, everyone deserves justice or maybe when they call it a choice or a woman's right to choose people like that thought process, you know, because a woman wants to make her own decision about what she should do with her body and what a life, but they never finish that statement, a woman's right to choose to do what? Yeah. To kill a life within her womb. Now that baby should have rights and it does, but in this nation we have refrained from allowing the baby in the womb to have his or her inalienable rights.

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