Yes, Something Bad Is Happening in Ukraine. But What About the US?


It's amazing to see how the media continues to kind of be a 24/7 network around this. We're not getting calls back from the Saudis. We're asking Venezuela for oil, Macron is meeting with Putin, not Biden, Iran is wiping the table with us and the JCPOA two talks. We have a hundred and a 100,000 dead mostly young people from fentanyl, our southern border is wide open, we have double digit inflation minimum, 24,000 homicides last year, 24,000 homicides happening in our inner cities. Our educational literacy rates are going down is the most depressed, suicidal, alcohol, alcohol addicted, drug addicted, anxious and Medicaid generation in history. Yet I have to be lectured about our leaders that the American thing to do is to go and force a no fly zone 5000 miles away because something bad is happening. I get it. Something bad is happening. Vladimir Putin is evil. I agree. Something bad is happening here as well. Why are our priorities so upside down? Why do we get out of our chair enthusiastically and go buy a Ukrainian flag to go fly outside of our home and yet the kind of destruction and deterioration of our own citizens this kind of makes sense whatever kind of scoff at it. The same Americans by the way, the same leaders, by the way, who just lecture us last two years. It's the American thing to go get vaccinated and go stay at your home. Stay at home and be locked down. Why do you want to ignore our own problems? And you put all of that together, no one has yet to answer the question. Okay, the house is on fire. Fine, I'll take the analogy. We don't know what we could do about it, but do we even have the competent fire department to put out the fire? No. You know what they would do? The house is on fire. The fire department that we are calling, they bring out their hose, they open it and out comes gasoline.

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