Mail in Ballots Could Determine Outcome of PA Primary


Who's going if you had to bet your house right now? Who's going to be the Republican nominee for the Pennsylvania Senate seat? Oh boy, we go from brown's playoff eyes to an even harder question. What I want to know, I don't mean to duck your question, but literally what we are trying to figure out this morning is how many mail in ballots need to be counted. And my answer depends on when we can get that question answered. Because McCormick has been leading mehmet Oz in the mail in ballots by about 9 points. So there's the potential there if there's enough of them that he could overtake on that. But we're trying to nail down how many there are. And there's a great idea. What's the minimum number of them that are out there, do you think? So what we think is what, in terms of yesterday morning, we got to count from the state in terms of returned Republican mail in ballots. And as of right now, there are about 20,000 fewer of those counted than there were returned as of yesterday. So I think it's reasonable that there's about 20,000 of those.

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