Why MSNBC Has a 'Joy' Problem


I get to share with you joy Reid, this MSNBC anchor who was on her program quite distressed, of course, that Twitter is no longer going to be in the control of certain elitists that want to advance certain narratives. And so she said, and I quote that Elon Musk's companies have a history of open racism. You know, she said there's been this lawsuit against Tesla and he himself is a troll. So she says his idea of freedom means freedom to be a jerk and to be cruel and to have no one be able to stop you. And then she went on. She was not done. In fact, she was just kind of getting warmed up. She said that Twitter was really bad for quite some time. They attacked women, the misogyny was crazy on Twitter for a while. Gosh, I would argue, actually, it still is joy. If you're a member of the conservative class, you still deal with that on Twitter. Anyway, she goes on to say Elon Musk, I guess he misses the old South Africa in the 80s. He wants that back. Wow. I mean, that's some pretty aggressive language. Of course, you know what? I think Elon actually would be fine with it. I mean, you may not choose to watch her. He may not choose to listen to her. He may not choose to follow her on Twitter. He may even block her. But she can say it. I mean, as long as her employer is okay with it, I guess that becomes the issue, which is why I do think MSNBC has a joy problem, shall we say, and they've had a problem for a while. I mean, it's sort of amazing. The woman is still there at the institution given that she was criticized heavily for what were considered some very homophobic blogs, right? I guess and she said some pretty heinous stuff a while back in the early 2000s, and then she came out and said, oh, actually, that wasn't me. I think I got hacked. And then the turned out actually maybe it was her and she apologized. Who the heck knows other than we do know, she's somebody who's trying to get attention.

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