Cape Town bells toll to honor Archbishop Desmond Tutu's life


South South Africa Africa is is in in mourning mourning a a day day off off to to all all spaceship spaceship doesn doesn T. T. T.'s T.'s death death at at age age ninety ninety bells bells rang rang it it makes makes a a difference difference in in fifty fifty two two in in Cape Cape Town Town to to announce announce bishop bishop to to to to the the bells bells will will continue continue to to ring ring for for five five days days each each time time at at noon noon for for five five minutes minutes to to mark mark two two nine nine it it was was in in this this cathedral cathedral that that to to to to us us south south Africans Africans of of all all races races together together against against apartheid apartheid south south African African presidents presidents to to run run the the the the nation nation echoing echoing what what all all south south Africans Africans with with feeling feeling lost lost one one of of the the most most illustrious illustrious courageous courageous and and beloved beloved amongst amongst us us I'm I'm Karen Karen Thomas Thomas

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