The Power of Honoring the Sabbath


Just wanted to ask as I've gotten more and more involved in politics and watching podcasts. I listen to two or three podcasts today. Option times. How do you keep your heart from getting hardened and wanting to be Jesus flipping over the tables, but like 24/7. Yeah, well, that's a great question. I'll give you a biblical answer to it. Last July, I was having a very difficult time. So with this. So I do three podcasts a day. I do three hours of radio a day. I spoke at 330 places last year on the road. We have 250 people on staff, got to raise a bunch of money, plus I got to deal with all the fun people The New York Times trying to destroy my life every single day, right? Amongst other things. So it's a lot, right? And not to mention, not exactly an uplifting news cycle, the last year and a half, right? It's just another kind of awful thing that one of the other. And I was talking to a pastor friend of mine in New York City. I was telling him this. And he just asked me, said, are you honoring the Sabbath? I said, no, I like I'm kind of doing a Sabbath ish thing, right? Kind of very, you know. And he said, you should really consider it. And so I did. And so every Friday night, I took a Jewish Sabbath. I turned my phone off completely. I'm unreachable, unreachable by the world. And from Friday night to Saturday night. And so I started doing it. It was really hard at first, but I just do it religiously, regardless of where I am. No one can contact me. No one can. And I just read a take notes, whatever. And it's been an unbelievable blessing.

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