How Will the Next Oklahoma Senator Confront the McGirt Case?


Great to have you back. Alex is a member of the Nixon seminar. I've known him for a half dozen years. He was chief of staff at the National Security Council served four years in the Trump White House, as I said, a crowded field in Oklahoma, where I've got to ask you about the abortion decision, but I also want to know about the mcgirt decision and whether how much of that matter in this field, Alex grey. Well, I think the mcgurk case is not only the most important issue facing Oklahoma on day to today level. It's the most important issue. I think in determining the type of senator that oklahomans are going to have. And I say that because it's one of those issues where a lot of special interests who have been pushing candidates in the direction of the status quo. And right now the status quo is devastating for Oklahoma. You've got 18,000 cases. Criminal cases that have been pushed from state to federal court. And that means that the federal system is totally overwhelmed and they're unable to prosecute a huge number of cases in practicality that means that rapists and murderers are actually going unpunished and

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