Is Middle America Turning Red?


Now, sleep. I put in the category of Jonathan Swan Joshua, who's just a straight down in the middle reporter. He has a call not on Iowa this morning, Jonathan. Iowa has gone from purple to red to deep red. They're not going to have any congressman standing. They're not even going to have a senator on the ballot against chuck grassley, which is malpractice. I think that's happening in Pennsylvania as well. Just take us up to 30,000 feet. You cover politics. I'm going to come back to a couple of issues in a second, but up at 30,000 feet. Do you see all of the blue washing out of the non coastal areas and the heartland of the country's red? It's certainly been the very pronounced trend. And I mean, the problem with this year as something to sort of draw 30,000 foot conclusions is the best political environment for Republicans in 2010. And so you could have some really astonishing results that are atypical. But yeah, absolutely. As a macro trend for sure, that's what's happening. And Democrats don't really seem to have answers for it. I'm not seeing any anyway from the national leadership.

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