How True the Vote Acquired Dropbox Camera Footage


And we can watch this together. And Greg, which one would you like us to play? Is that gwinnett county Georgia? Let's play gwinnett Kim. So actually, before we play the video, let's get into actually how you got the video because I'm actually cutting in line here. So in addition to all of the analysis that was happening, we were doing a wide sweep of all kinds of election integrity records or open records. Video was part of that. The federal government had come out and given guidance for all of these new drop boxes saying that their recommendation is that in addition to a number of checkpoints, video surveillance should be among them. And so we began to submit open records to get the video. And these videos are a product of ultimately what came back all what's interesting about what you're going to watch now is that we didn't get this until last month? Yeah, I mean, since the first open records requests went out and probably January, and we've been fighting. So by law and Georgia, they had to have a camera over the Dropbox. Is that correct? But by rule. By rule. I remember they made up they made up the emergency rules that allowed the drop boxes to be there at all. So they had to have rules to go with them. So when raffensperger came in and signed a consent decree with Marc Elias to allow these things to happen, they had to codify some rules internally. So the rules said you have to have these cameras surveillance cameras on the drop boxes. And we almost immediately started as soon as we started asking, they started, well, we don't have it. We can't give you an example or a reason why we don't have it. We just don't have to take 6 months to get it. It'll be including the video you're about to see. I took a year to produce this video and the only reason they produced it at all is because Catherine in true the vote made a complaint to the Secretary of State, which would have been put in place a mechanism for them to get in a lot of trouble. Lo and behold, the next day, I think, all of a sudden the video. Now this is gwinnett county. So before we play the video though, you also suspected that that time place on the video would show you something because you had pings that showed that this individual was doing a route. Is that correct? And in addition to our open records efforts, we had evaluated all of the chain of custody documents. And so you could tell, at this particular location, what a typical day look like, how many ballots they were typically getting. And then a spike. And ballot trafficking by and large. Money laundering works a 100%. When you see the cafe that has the $9000 breakfast, you're like, wait a second. Yeah. Any auditor worked like, why did you have a big, you know, there was no one in the restaurant. There's also no one looking though, Charlie. There's no one looking. They

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