Latest Liberal Fan Mail Sent to Dan Bongino


So we have a bunch of liberal nut bags right And they listen to our show and they listen to they pretend to be moderates They're not They're liberal crazies They send us like death threats Usually in a reader and stuff This isn't a death threat This is just that the range lunatic But he doesn't like the fact that blowhole guy Hunter Biden was filmed looking like he was in a UFC match when in fact it was two Chinese Communist Party probably associated prostitutes in a room He don't like that Oh that's his guy This guy so what Prostitutes are still about my thing So he says you're a piece of you get the rest This is hilarious You're spewing unsubstantiated information about a hundred Biden laptop Apparently no one's told rob Perry that the laptop has been confirmed by multiple entities as the FBI is a copy But this is the left It's not dumb they are I'm a moderate no eastern Trust me he's not I get these all the time I listen to you every day Of course you do You can't get away What did I tell you Leftist love the show They can not get away They can't He says this is a new low I don't know why you're still in the air you mean on the air I'm not flat I'm not in the air anywhere I'm actually on a floor right now You mean on here You're a smart man I'll give you that yes I am you're right about that rob But you give your opinion like it's fact and people believe the BS spelled out that you say this is great This is classic He said yeah right There is nothing about the story even remotely from You see what happens with libs It goes back again to my theory We think liberals are people with really bad ideas Liberals think we're bad people with ideas Therefore when you tell them facts the laptops confirm the emails are confirmed the photos are confirmed the sex tapes are confirmed Your bad people So they send vial you're a piece of email You spill BS

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